College Now Offers Extensive Opportunities


By Kaitha Agnant ’17

We are sorry to inform you that your application has been rejected.” During our high school years, those are words that we will not want to hear when college letters come around. In the meantime, we try to impress colleges as much as we can and one way to do so is by signing up for College Now.

College Now is a program which gets students thinking about college by starting them off with real college assignments. Whether you take it at Midwood or Brooklyn College, you have the opportunity to graduate high school with 12 college credits. Those credits can be applied to many CUNY, some SUNY, and a few private schools.

If you decide to take it at Brooklyn College, you get a variety of courses, and it’s offered during the summer, fall, and spring. Some of the courses during the fall and spring include College Prep, Backyard Toxicology, Current Issues, and Why do People Do What They Do. Some of the courses during the summer are Marine Ecology, Community Outreach, Bridges to Computer, and the STEM program. All of these are one elective credit.

“It’s a fun way to take an elective with a class the students actually wants to take,” said Ms. Stephanie Gluck, Guidance Counselor.

If you’re looking for a more advanced class, you can apply for the cohort classes, which is when the majority of the class is high school students. After you have completed a cohort class, you can then apply for a waiver class, which is when you will be sitting amongst college students. These classes are both 3 credits each.

This program has received many positive reviews from students.

“College Now is a great program in which it introduces students to a new way of learning and depending on themselves to understand the curriculum being taught,” said Wensa Pierre ’17. “The material taught in College Now classes are more applicable to real life and gets you thinking about what you want to pursue in the future.”

Another way to take a College Now course is inside the school. They are either offered period 1 or period 10. Some of the courses include a Writing Course, which helps with the CUNY entrance exam and prepares you to pass the English regents. Ms. Joan Rowe teaches this class. Another course is Sociology and a Communications Course, which basically teaches you the persuasive techniques used in advertising commercials.

If you have questions or would like to know more information about College Now at Brooklyn College, you can either talk to Ms. Stephanie Gluck, Mr. Romig Lamothe, Ms. Jodi Millman, or Ms. Marianna Reinosa. If you have any questions about College Now in the school, you can talk to Ms. Joan Rowe, Ms. Liz Bommarito, or Ms. Fern Bren.

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