Serbian Student Teacher Learns About New York

By Diana Danh ’17

As a student teacher from the American Museum of Natural History, he described his purpose as “bringing science to the school.” And that’s exactly what Dejan Bozovic, student teacher or Ms. Jenessa Kornaker and Mr.Howard Spergel, is doing by co-teaching earth science, AP Human Geography, and AP Physics to various classes.

Mr.Bozovic was born in Serbia, however, he is now living in New York in order to teach. He came here by winning the green card lottery. He said it was a huge decision for him to come to the United States, mostly because he came alone.

Before Mr.Bozovic continued with a grin, “My life is changing 180 degrees. My goal is to come here and live here better than I lived in Serbia. Because, over the years, your academic performance is not valued properly. It’s corrupted there and the values are upside down. I wanted to try another way of living.”

His interest in science stemmed from geology courses in science during high school back in Serbia. He had the opportunity to do field work as well as work with rocks.

While Mr.Bozovic is teaching us science, we’re teaching him about our school. While he lives in New York, he wishes to learn about the school systems since he never got the opportunity to attend a school here.

He treasures every piece of knowledge, saying, “Even if it’s a tiny thing, it’s huge to me.”

He said he’s slowly learning everything he hoped to learn, but it’s also a process, something he can’t learn overnight.

“I also want to learn about how young people, not only in the states, but especially in New York think about the world, their attitudes and their views. But I also want to learn from my mentors the best teaching strategies to become a better teacher.”

“I like Midwood, but it’s crazy in terms of the number of students and schedules,” he continued. It’s his first time seeing that students do not have their own classroom and the same classmates, which was different from his experiences in a Bronx middle school last semester. However, he appreciates the wide range of opportunities presented to us.

“You guys have advanced courses, teams and clubs. It’s nice to see.”

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