Boys Lacrosse off to Good Start

Midwood forward tries to shake off a Dewey defender.

By Beatrice Kushnir ’17 and Kamilla Khavasova ’17

  Lacrosse season has officially begun and the boys varsity team is confident and prepared to have the ultimate season.

                The varsity team has a new coach, and they are excited to have a good first season with Mr. Zachary Alexander.

                To prepare for the season, the boys are practicing every day at Marine Park as well as on their own time to make sure they are prepared to take on their opponents.

                “ We’re practicing everyday and many of us are putting in as much work as we can on our own time to improve our skills,” said Gabriel Rabin ‘17.

                Kevin Hasa ‘17 said, “The season is going to be a struggle but we’re working as hard as we can with all of our possible options. Our goal is to do our best and to leave a good a mark with our new coach who’s been really efficient and friendly.”

                The first game was held on March 16 against Eagle Academy for Young Men II at Boys and Girls HS field. The boys won 12-9 because of the combined 7 goals by attackmen Gabriel Rabin ’17 and Noah Essa ’16.

Hasa said, “We were down most of the time but we got our mentality together and really stuck it through. We had good plays and played smart and in the end we took home a win.”

                They also defeated James Madison High School 12-3 on March 17 putting them 2-0 in the division standings.

Evan Burgos ‘17 said, “It was an emotional battle with tempers boiling due to the intense rivalry between the two schools.”

Their next game will be held on March 22 at John Dewey High School against John Dewey.

                Rabin said, “Our first two games were against the strongest teams in the division last year  and we were able to defeat them this year, which we failed to do last year.”

                The boys are looking forward to a good season with many wins ahead of them, but to get the results they want they must put in time and effort into the game.

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