Seniors Seize SING Victory

Senior Hip Hop dancers show off their moves

By Abeer Naeem ’17 and Salma Ali ’17

Thunderous applause filled the auditorium as aliens, superheroes, and a lost tourist took the stage in the SING production. All three performances were outstanding, but in the end there was only one victorious team, and this year’s victory went to Senior Sing.

Leutrim Cahani ’16 who participated in the seniors ballroom dance said, “SING was an electrifying and exhilarating experience; we were all on cloud 9 once we heard the final senior score of “1171”.

The 69th annual production of the show was a huge success under the supervision of Ms. Marcia Kaufman and Mr. Albert Peterson. With constant help from Dr. Ernie Pysher regarding set work, the SING participants had their best show yet said Leonit Dedushaj ’17.

Dr. Pysher has no difficulties aiding students in producing a picture perfect show.

He states, “I was asked to build the show because the principal didn’t want students handling power tools.  Sing has a tradition of ‘student run-student done’ but safety was the problem here.  They tell me what they want and I try to build it.”

However, Dr. Pysher is not the only individual with artistic abilities; many students have shown their hidden talents in multiple ways. From writing the scripts to painting the scenes, all performers were an asset to the production.

Anastasiia Lazarieva ’19 and Tahreem Qadeer ’19, the Sofresh commissioners who also wrote the script, are among the many creative minds in this year’s SING production. The storyline was based on an alien invaded world where no humans were allowed. Two teen girls were just trying to fit in, but as always there were girls who didn’t make that easy for them. After being accused of being human, the plot twists and the mean girl Zella, turns out to be human herself.

To follow this captivating story, both juniors and seniors had storylines just as interesting as the one before which had the audience roaring with laughter. The junior’s story focused on superheroes and the struggle of gender equality in which the boy superheroes were too egotistical to admit the need for help.  However, when the possibility of failing at saving the world arose the boys hesitated to fight alone. With this concrete separation between men and women, the girl superheroes had to find a way to convince the boys to work as a team for the greater good.

After this hilarious production, the seniors remained to perform their show. The story was about a tourist, Brooklyn who is in a dilemma since she only has one day to see all of the beautiful sights in the city that never sleeps, New York. With unexpected friends along her travel, Brooklyn finds herself to be lost in the greatest city with nothing but dreams to fill.

In order to master lines, create scenes, and choreograph dances the students had to stay in school for many hours with not only the responsibility to perfect their job in the show, but to also complete their schoolwork.

Olga Savuk ’17 the leader of art believes the long hours and hard work that goes into this one show is worth it. “Washing paint out of supplies and clothes and going out of our way to buy everything can be very stressful and overwhelming – especially when you’re a leader. However all the hard work pays off in the end and our friends become our family.”

Savuk is not the only participant who has obtained this sense of family amongst her peers. Eylul Duramaz ’17 said she was able to meet some of the most important, amazing, and talented people in her life. She also said that she was so proud of the performance of the students that although juniors received second place, it still felt like a junior victory to her.

Among these talented individuals who already have experience in the process of SING, Sofresh impressed many by proving that they were a force to be reckoned with. The modern dance group from Sofresh earned an ear-deafening amount of cheers and applause due to an outstanding performance which blew the judges away.

“My favorite part of the show were the Sofresh modern dancers, they had so much energy and were in such sync that it was incredible,” said Maya Engstrom ’18.

However, Sasha Angert ’18 a modern dancer has a different outlook on how the group completed the dance.

“We came to find ourselves with an incomplete dance a week before the show, and that week alone proved to us all that even though we were behind, we still came together as one,” states Angert.

The supervisors believe this was not the first time fighting occurred during a practice.

“The ‘student run-student done’ philosophy developed into a ‘mean girls’ rerun a few years ago when the student commissioners overstepped the boundaries set by the department of education regarding student to student conversations,” said Dr. Pysher.

For that reason, students are required to be supervised by their advisor during each rehearsal to ensure that no boundaries are overstepped.

Though the students had certain restrictions and faculty supervision, individuals made the best of this once in a lifetime chance to perform.

Cahani stated, “SING was everything I hoped it would be, plus more. It was the perfect way to cap off my experience at Midwood.”

The leader of the junior sing chorus, Vivian Luu ’17 is confident to say that her singers gave it their all.

“In every rehearsal we were ready to write lyrics, perfect the next number, or sing. I was so happy to find out that junior chorus won best song because we worked very hard to make it as perfect as possible,” she said.

In addition to great chorus groups, the audience was incredibly shocked to see the amazing bands that performed. Sofresh moved sing forward by using the advanced band group in school. The juniors and seniors had great chemistry that allowed the audience to enjoy the special skills in playing the latest hits. Amid these musicians was Geena Boasr ’18 who was exhilarated to perform in front of a large amount of people, as it was her first time participating in SING.

“I was less nervous than I thought I would be because when I play music I lose myself in it,” said Boasr. She did exactly that when she performed with her peers, impressing not only her friends but her parents as well.

This year, Sofresh and juniors were able to take advantage of video to add on to the storylines. In Sofresh, they used the video to give a background of the story and to help the audience understand how the aliens versus humans theme came to be. Juniors used the video to create humor in bringing alive a Facetime between the superheroes and the villains.

Another factor that helped the teams gain extra points was costumes. All three teams went above and beyond to get costumes to help represent the theme of the story. Sofresh had “future like” dance costumes that blew the audience away especially with their great makeup skills. Juniors were able to replicate superheroes by wearing capes when they were out saving the world, and the silliest pajamas when staying at home. The last scene of the senior play was meant to be on a Broadway and surely it did look like Broadway with the stunning dresses worn by the chorus.

With the show over at Midwood, the SING production is far from finished. Seniors must compete at Brooklyn Sing, against Madison and Murrow; also known as the battle of the M’s.

Among the many seniors Rauful Hossain ’16 is happy that SING is not over for him but like all of his peers he could not be more nervous.

This year’s SING production was an unforgettable one. All three teams put on their best show possible and through that process a family was created with unbreakable bonds.

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