Boys Volleyball Gets Ready to Win

Scrimmages during practice are common

By Fiona Ng He ‘17 and Olga Savuk ‘17

It’s a fresh start for the boy’s volleyball team with its new team members and for upcoming season. This year, Ms. Thomasina Lenzi is back from her injury to lead the boys to the playoffs. This team will have another shot at defeating its rivals, Brooklyn Tech. The team’s first game is quickly approaching, set for March 22.

Ms. Lenzi is the coach of the volleyball team, but due to an injury last year, she was not able to coach the team for the whole season. In the previous season, the team coaches were Ms. Concetta Licitra and Ms. Elizabeth Caso.

“Truthfully, this is the time of the year we always wait for,” said Snigdho Hasan ’16, team captain, “It’s a privilege to have coach Lenzi back. We have a robust team with abundant experience and for many of us, it’s our last season. So we’re yearning to make this one count. We’re beyond excited for this season; we’ll strive to make the best of it.”

Everyone on the team is yearning for the season to start since most of the players on the team are seniors. Nevertheless, the other players are thrilled as well.

Sher Ahmed ’18 said, “I am definitely excited for this season. This is my sophomore year and my second year on the team, however, my first with Coach Lenzi.” Ahmed helped Ms. Lenzi during her girls volleyball season and he thinks “she is strict, but an amazing coach.”

Ms. Lenzi said, “Every year is different with a new setup.” She is eager to be back and is determined to reconnect with the players. The team consists of key players who have beneficial traits such as height, strength, and intelligence. According to Ms. Lenzi, she needs to rethink strategies, create new systems, and make an easy pattern. The team consists of at least eight seniors, her “old strong nucleus.”

“The team did really well and the coaches did too,” said Ms. Lenzi, “I’m happy with their work.” The boys lost one of their season games against Brooklyn Tech, but Ms. Lenzi’s attitude towards the results were not negative. “The guys went to 3 games, this shows they can be in the mix.”

The players had similar feelings as Ms. Lenzi regarding the game against Brooklyn Tech, a loss they took as a learning experience.

“Last year’s loss to Tech while our captain Zhivko was injured, we took them to three sets. However, we fell short,” Ahmed said. “Our greatest rival as of now would have to be Tech. Hungry and fierce, we will give everything we possibly can to beat those guys.”

Michael Grandel ’17 explained, “Brooklyn Tech has this reputation of being equally or better matched against Midwood. It is probably our greatest rival. However, I refuse to accept that. In fact, I believe we have infinite potential because nothing is preventing us from becoming a great team.” Team members are supportive of each other.

Frank Troiso ’18 also said, “I’m very excited for this season because we play Brooklyn Tech back to back and I’m excited to see our team beat them back to back.” The excitement is building as the days pass and the team gets ready to face off their rivals. Even though the season just started, the boys can sense great things coming their way.

Zhivko Evtimov ’16, team captain, stated, “Feelings of motivation and hard work fill me as soon as I think about the season. But there are also feelings of uncertainty and fear because it is my final year. I have been with this team for the past four years and we’re not just a team, we’re a family.” Evtimov went on about how his dedication and effort for the team pays off in the end. He gains a strong bond between the players and stays physically healthy.

“This year will be the rise of the hive, and we look forward to taking it all the way.” Ahmed concluded.


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