Sophomores Seek Greater Opportunities

By Ting Ren ’17

Getting accepted to the high school of your dreams serves to be a great achievement. However, students who do not get accepted can re-apply to their desired school for the opportunity to transfer.

The student body, the environment which surrounds a high school, as well as the classes and clubs that a certain high school offers are some reasons why students want to transfer into a new school or out of their old school.

According to Mrs. Fern Bren who is responsible for student acceptances, every year there are about 20 or 30 students that get transferred into the school for each of the programs that Midwood offers. The requirements are not only just based on grades for math, science, English and social studies courses. Mrs. Bren states, but also she looks at attendance and lateness. All these factors contribute to whether a student can transfer to Midwood or not. 

According to Anne Wang ’17, who was a transfer student from Fort Hamilton High School, Midwood was a better school for her.

“Midwood provides students with more opportunities to take harder classes such as accelerated math or AP math classes in which Fort Hamilton could not provide to their students,” said Wang.“The environment here feels really safe and comfortable like a second home, and the teachers here at Midwood are genuine.”

She claims that although leaving her friends from Fort Hamilton was upsetting but Midwood offers a variety of teams and clubs and there’s always someplace that you can go to “fit in.”

According to Ben Li ’17, a transfer student from James Madison High School, his expectation for Midwood before transferring was exactly what he expected after attending Midwood. Li stated that he expected Midwood to be like Madison except with no metal detectors and more challenging.

“I find Midwood to be a better school for me. The school accepts students with high grades, and students who attended Midwood went to good colleges and at the same time it offers more activities,” said Li.

According to Shirley Chan ’16 who was a transfer student from Cobble Hill School of American Studies, she was not really happy with her school since the school focused more on history and law, whereas she is interested in math and science.

“I didn’t find it (former school) very challenging and excelled very easily, I wanted a challenge,” claimed Chan. Chan stated that she did not regret her decision transferring into Midwood. Midwood provided a larger variety of math and science classes.

“In Midwood, I am grateful that I made many wonderful friends, participated in a lot of extracurricular activities and became very active and involved with my school,” said Chan.

Another student who also transferred from Fort Hamilton High School is David Jiang ’17. According to Jiang, before he transferred to Midwood, Jiang expected Midwood to be highly competitive, but he realized that the students here are also warm, friendly and sociable at the same time.

“My decision to transfer to Midwood has allowed me to strive academically, meet amazing people and explore great opportunities,” said Jiang.

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