Gold Football Commemorates Hornet’s Super Bowl Experience

Displayed in the principals office

By Kaitha Agnant ’17

We’ve all seen a football, and we all know what the color gold looks like, but have you ever seen these two things together? Well you will be able to in the near future, thanks to Tony Colorito.

Tony Colorito graduated from Midwood in 1982. His father, Michael Colorito, was a teacher here and taught Foreign Language and English. When Tony graduated, he was offered a full scholarship to the University of Southern California. From then on, he started his professional football career. He was chosen as a fifth round draft pick for the Denver Broncos.

Not only did he play for the Broncos, but he also played in Super Bowl 21 against the New York Giants.

Like many professional athletes, there’s always that fear of injury. That fear came alive in Colorito’s case. He blew out his knee which means that his career was over.

Even though Colorito suffered a career-ending injury, that didn’t stop him from accomplishing more things. Now he is an orthopedist in Washington.

In his time at Midwood, he was considered to be an exceptional student.

“He was a bright young man and was a scholar athlete,” said Ms. Marcia Kaufman, the Coordinator of Student Affairs.

While he was here, Ms. Kaufman was the cheerleading coach so she knew him first hand.

Since Tony played in the Super Bowl and went to school here, we have the pleasure of having the gold football.

In honor of Super Bowl 50, the National Football Association (NFL) is giving a gold football to all high schools which had a player who played in the Super Bowl.

For the time being, the football will be in the principal Michael McDonnell’s office until he has a found a showcase to put it in.

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