Giving Back to the Less Fortunate

By Noman Ahmad ’17 and Sm Hoque ’17

Recent clothing and food drives held by the Muslim Student Association have come to an overflowing end. Both drives were concluded with a successful number of donated items.

The food was distributed to shelters in New York while the clothes were donated to St. Mary’s Church. The food drive ended before winter break, and the clothing drive ended Friday evening after regent’s week.

Mohammed Khan ’17, one of the major leaders of the MSA, was the one who set up all of the donation drives. The amount of support given to MSA during these drives was impressive and many people donated to the clothing drive.

“We lost count, the receipt said 30 large bags of clothes were given,” said Khan.

The food drive wasn’t short on success either. “Two large bins were overflowing with food,” Khan said. The MSA accumulated more donations than any other club for both the clothing and food drives. The MSA attained so many donations, that the bins were overflowing because of them.

“Nothing is done without a purpose, and the purpose for these donation drives was Zakat,” said Khan. Zakat is one of the five essential pillars of Islam which means to donate to the needy.

Mahmudul Hashan ’17 acknowledged that these drives are very Islamic. Hashan said “When they want to start a donation drive, it means they want to spread the message of Islam.”  He added that MSA is successful in spreading their message and they know what they are doing.

Khan thanked the individuals who donated and those who made the donation drives happen such as Principal McDonnell and Ms. Kaufman. MSA plans to continue with this current success and hold new drives likes these in the future.

The success of these drives has attracted more people to come to the actual club meeting. The meetings welcome students of all religions to come and discuss about Islam. There is usually a lecture given about Islam in the world. MSA meets every Thursday in room 379 during periods 10 and 11. Anyone that might be interested in learning more about Islam should attend these meetings.

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