G.O. Card Motivates, Ensures Community Involvement

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G.O Cards help students keep track of their credit

By Clifford Young ‘17 and Jessica Charles ‘17

Buying a G.O. card is the key to unlocking many rewards and giving students a chance to give back to the school community.

“I never realized how important having a G.O. card was until I became an alumna. Having a G.O. card allows students to record their progress (on service to the Midwood community). It motivates students to keep participating in extracurricular activities,” said Emily Henning ‘15, who currently attends Brown University. “My extracurriculars from high school include Key Club, Amnesty International, and the Math Team assisted me in college interviews and helped define me.”

The G.O. cards are currently on sale at Ms. Marcia Kaufman’s office in room 417. Students are paying five dollars for each G.O. card. A G.O. card can last a student one whole year.

According to Ms. Kaufman, the coordinator of student activities, a G.O. card gets a student to come out of their shell and participate in different activities. She explained how several of her former students who participated in school activities had a boost in confidence when they pursued their jobs.

Several students stated that G.O. cards and extracurricular activities motivates and helps them become more sociable through the interactions with new people in their activities such as clubs, monitoring, etc.

“Basically, people usually think that joining clubs and extracurriculars are only for getting credits on your G.O. card,” said Marzana Rafa ‘17. “As this may be true, it’s only partially correct. To be honest, I enjoy doing extracurriculars because I get to meet new people and learn new things. G.O. cards have started becoming something irrelevant and I’m not in my clubs just for the credits. I’m in it for myself and all the good things I obtain from it.”

Getting involved in school gives students the edge for summer internships, college applications, and the future job market. Recording service to the school community not only benefits students, but the school as a whole.

Organizing school activities for students with the help of the Student Government, Ms. Marcia Kaufman, the Coordinator of Student Activities, works with the Comptroller to balance the school’s budget. When a student purchases a Student Government Organization ‘G.O.’ card, the money earned is then put into our school’s activities and sports.

“Those (monies collected from G.O. cards) help sports teams get their equipment, update it annually, and travel to meets and games.” said Ms. Kaufman. “By buying a G.O. card, a student can record service credit from participating in extracurricular activities (which is recorded on your school profile) and colleges see that.”

Every year, the school’s comptroller is responsible for working with Ms. Kaufman to balance the school’s budget and a big part of those funds used come from the sales of G.O. cards.

So far 563 students has purchased a G.O. card for the first term. This adds up to $2815 for school fundings from G.O. cards alone.

“The money that is raised from G.O. cards are used towards teams and other things which is beneficial to many,” said Kimberly Wyllie ’17. “They aren’t that expensive and they’re important for college apps.”

Faisal Masoud ’17, a student who was on the track team before explained how the GO card fundings affect teams.

“Teams are so underfunded that students have to raise money to practice indoors during the winter. For instance, the track team has to pay to participate in races. However, the school buys the equipment.”

G.O. cards has been around for nearly 50 years and has been benefitting students in numerous of ways.

“Although I believe that five dollars is a lot for a piece of paper, seeing it first hand how much they benefit teams, stumps that belief,” said Masoud.

“When a student is involved with a club or team, they are entitled to service credit, and this credit gets recorded on the (G.O.) cards,” said Comptroller Nozima Omonullaeva ‘16. “The benefits of buying a G.O. card include gaining enough credit to join Arista/Archon and colleges indeed look at those activities recorded on the card. It is an important part of the college admissions process.”

Buying a G.O. card also brings students one step closer to being accepted into Archon, which gives them recognition for their service in school. A total of 105 credits, 45 which come from office monitoring, are required to get accepted.

“Getting more involved shows that they go above and beyond, which makes them go-getters,” said Ms. Filomena Daniels, guidance counselor and advisor of Arista/Archon Society.

Former students who bought G.O. cards found it to be advantageous during the college application process.

“Buying a G.O. card gives students the reassurance that their service credits are recorded and in good hands,” said Mike Joseph ‘14, who currently attends City Tech. He participated in SING! and volunteered for the general office for four years. “Participating in different activities allowed me to diversify myself as a college applicant,” he added.

Michelle Li ’17 and Sandy Wu ’17 contributed to this article

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