Artists Enhance Skills at Studio in a School

artists-palette-163607_960_720By Joelle Saadeh ’17 and Taylor DeDely ’17

Studio in the School is a non-profit organization that allows students to gain experience by learning new skills. After learning, there’s a possibility of being offered an internship to teach visual arts to younger pupils through enrollment in the Teen Apprenticeship Program.

According to their webpage,, through the apprenticeship students will learn art basics, as well as how to guide younger children through simple art related lessons. In addition, students will be considered for a paid summer job after completing the program. One elective credit will also be offered towards graduation.

For more information about enrollment, you could visit room 304 to speak to Mr. Jonathan Pincus.
To qualify for the Teen Apprenticeship Program, you must be enrolled in a NYC public school, be interested in art as well as working with children, be sixteen years or older, be able to commit time to the spring program including the summer job, and you must be able to work legally in the US. No prior working experience is necessary to work.

One of the conditions, however, is that this program is a one time opportunity for each student. Once you have participated in the program, you may not enroll again.

“If I could, I would enroll again because it was such a great learning experience. I learned a lot about the workforce and I also learned a lot of practical skills that could benefit me in the future,” said Mayra Vazquez, ’17.

The summer internship involves working in summer camps throughout NYC for 20 to 25 hours per week, with an hourly wage of $9. It will last around six to seven weeks after the end of June, depending on the camp you are placed to work in.
According to The New York Times in the article Studio in a School Expands Arts Education Nationwide, the program has brought 650 artist into the classroom and has taught more than 800,000 students since 1977.

The program provides a new set of skills for students to master as well as giving them work to do outside of the classroom. A select few of students in Midwood have been given the opportunity to participate in the program.

This includes drawing, painting, and other art related activities. The program is said to be confronting and mentally rewarding.

“I think what makes this program stand out from other programs is its ability to show students what it takes to be a teacher. It was a lot of work preparing for classes,” Vazquez said. “You had to make sure you had enough supplies for each student, write lesson plans, and manage time all on your own, but everyone at Studio was able to learn from this. We grew so much more respect for our own teachers because we saw and experienced ourselves what goes on behind the scenes of a lesson.”

According to the site, the program was created by The Museum of Modern Art in response to the decrease in art education funding in the mid-1970s. “Every year, over 80 professional artists devote some 45,000 hours to almost 30,000 Pre-K through high school students. About 90% of all children who participate in our programs come from low-income homes.

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