Alumna Comes Back to Hive

Alumna, Ms. Goldfarb, returns as teacher

By Brianna Munroe ‘17

High school is a huge part of life; it sets the course of what you will do in the future. Ms. Goldfarb, a Trigonometry teacher, was greatly influenced at Midwood. She graduated from Midwood and is now teaching here.

            She is passionate about teaching and enjoys helping others. Goldfarb has her students’ best interests in mind.

“It’s great to see my students become successful,” said Ms. Goldfarb.

            “I chose to teach math since I have always been a strong student in math. I love how numbers work and love to share my fascination of the subject with my students,” she said. “I also love the “AH HA” moments when my students really grasp a concept.”

Ms. Goldfarb’s journey is a little different than the average Midwood teacher.

“It has been a wonderful experience working at the same high school that I attended. At first it was a little strange working with teachers who were once my teachers, but I quickly formed great friendships,” she stated.

She has become friends with many of her old teachers.

The Trigonometry teacher is also the coach of the girls swim team.

“I love being the coach of the swimming team. The girls are highly motivated and we have made it to the playoffs for three years since I have taken over as coach,” said Ms. Goldfarb.

She added, “I chose this sport because I was a member of the team when I attended Midwood and also worked as a city lifeguard and supervisor for 13 years. I guess swimming is in my blood.”

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