Student Gov’t Helps Improve Life

By Ting Ren ’17

Schools are not perfect. Issues and complaints about the school are constantly brought up and the student Government has put in large efforts to improve students’ circumstances and also to make this school a better place.

The student government is run by ten dedicated students. There is a president and vice president for each grade, a mayor and a comptroller. The student council helps address problems in the school and see if any resolution can be made.

The student governmet members must carry responsibilities.

According to Zain Chamoun16, the mayor of the student government,  meetings need to be organized and student council members need to meet up once a month with the principal where council members can discuss the complaints students have.   

“As mayor, I must present the ideas of students to the Principal and make announcements on the loudspeaker every Monday and Thursday. I go to monthly school security meetings and we discuss things like school exit alarms and other topics pertaining to school safety,” said Chamoun.

Gabrielle Wilks 16, the senior president of the student council, hopes to pull up activities such as a senior pageant or talent show for seniors to enjoy.

“As a senior, I am responsible for all senior activities. I’m responsible for creating senior days, organizing senior trips, activities and bring to higher authorities about student issues,” said Wilks.

In the student council, Wilks is thankful for Ms.  Marcia Kaufman.

“There would be no student government without her and no other teacher would be as willing and be as patient as she is to supervise the student government. She’s really taught me a lot and as a person, she helped me grow,” stated Wilks.

Although most issues such as bathroom smell, sanitation, paper towels, and the hallways being crowded are non-negotiable due to limitations of what the principal can do, issues are still brought up said Wilks.

One issue, however, the student government was able to resolve was with the lack of bathroom maintenance. Bathrooms run out of paper towels as early as third period. The student council was able to solve this issue by contacting and talking to the custodians to prevent this issue from happening.

The sanitation in the hallways was another issue that was approved by the principal.  A possible solution that Wilks suggested is to run a campaign for cleaner halls.

“It is important for students to be aware of what is to be done. Students don’t realize that the complaints that are being made are the same people creating the problem,” added Wilks.

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