Baseball Makes Use of Off Season

By Matthew Putterman ’17 & Peter Grabowski ’17 Boys Varsity baseball is getting into the swing of things this off-season with intense workouts. The varsity baseball team works out five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday. Coach Saverio Nardone has specific workout plans for the team this off-season. Tuesday and Thursday are for lifting, which takes place in the weight room. Wednesday is yoga and … Continue reading Baseball Makes Use of Off Season

Boys Volleyball Gets Ready to Win

By Fiona Ng He ‘17 and Olga Savuk ‘17 It’s a fresh start for the boy’s volleyball team with its new team members and for upcoming season. This year, Ms. Thomasina Lenzi is back from her injury to lead the boys to the playoffs. This team will have another shot at defeating its rivals, Brooklyn Tech. The team’s first game is quickly approaching, set for … Continue reading Boys Volleyball Gets Ready to Win

Boys JV Basketball Aims for Playoffs

By Nick Cardieri ’17 and Zach Chanmin ’17 Off to a hot start, the Boys JV Basketball team has its eyes set on the playoffs. At five wins and three losses, the team is tied for first place in the Brooklyn IV standing with Erasmus Hall. On January 21, the team played Erasmus Hall in their home gym and encountered their first loss of the … Continue reading Boys JV Basketball Aims for Playoffs

Rubio Opposes Common Core Testing Policies

By Orts Lamroe ’17 As the years progress, the cost of college increase and Common Core Standards continue to be controversial. With the presidency nearing, the issue surrounding education has slithered into the race, and Republican candidate Marco Rubio is pursuing education reform in his 2016 platform. Since its creation in 2010, Common Core Standards have been disputed across the nation. The program contains some … Continue reading Rubio Opposes Common Core Testing Policies

Pledge of Allegiance Causes Controversy

By George Revazishvili ’17 Recently Midwood has reintroduced the pledge of allegiance. Now, every day at the beginning of period 5 students are to stand facing the flag and repeat the pledge with their right hands on their hearts. Although the students are not forced to recite the pledge, it still takes time and attention away from the lesson. While it may not be a … Continue reading Pledge of Allegiance Causes Controversy

Seniors Seize SING Victory

By Abeer Naeem ’17 and Salma Ali ’17 Thunderous applause filled the auditorium as aliens, superheroes, and a lost tourist took the stage in the SING production. All three performances were outstanding, but in the end there was only one victorious team, and this year’s victory went to Senior Sing. Leutrim Cahani ’16 who participated in the seniors ballroom dance said, “SING was an electrifying … Continue reading Seniors Seize SING Victory

Rolling Drones and Bötley Crüe Move on to Regionals

By Mohammad Khalid ‘17 Bötley Crüe and Rolling Drones won first place at the FTC East Flatbush Qualifier that took place at Tilden High School on February 6, 2016. Rolling Drones and Bötley Crüe received the Winning Alliance Award. Bötley Crüe won the Rockwell Collins Award for bringing great ideas from concept to reality and for the most innovative and creative robot design solution to … Continue reading Rolling Drones and Bötley Crüe Move on to Regionals

Kitty Collecting Becomes Popular

By Yumna Ahmed ’17 Neko Atsume, also known as Kitty Collector, has taken many students by storm as they can keep more than one cat as a pet in this increasingly popular game. Originally developed in Japan by Yutaka Takasaki, Neko Atsume consists of luring cats to the player’s virtual yard with a variety of treats and toys and collecting as many cats as possible. … Continue reading Kitty Collecting Becomes Popular

Field Renovations Frustrate Athletes

By Jazmine Remache ’17 Midwood field may be closed this spring to repair the bleachers. Many teams rely on this field to hold their practices and home games. Lacrosse, track, and flag-football teams will have to look elsewhere if it gets decided that the field will be closed. The Athletic Department, administration, and Department of Education will have the final word on this matter.  It … Continue reading Field Renovations Frustrate Athletes