Girls Flag Football Team Prepares For Season

Mr. Skelly takes pride of the team.

By Briana Casimir ’17

Rumors of the first girl’s flag football team were confirmed by Mr. Jonathan Skelly, who announced the season will begin in the spring term.

After a failed attempt last year, students were successful in getting enough signatures in support of creating the team this year.

Mr. Skelly’s passion for football and his position as a coach for the boy’s football team fueled the idea of expanding the sport for girls as well.

“I’m very interested in coaching the girl’s flag football team,” said Mr. Skelly, “I’m looking forward to what is to come once the season begins.”

      Often times in society, females are excluded from football as it is perceived as a rough sport that should only involve males. The creation of the girl’s flag football team provides a sense of empowerment amongst girls who are willing to take advantage of the opportunity.

“I think the team is a good thing because it gives girls a chance to broaden their horizons and do more challenging activities,” said Danielle Edwards ’17. “It’s one step toward an equal amount of sports that both boys and girls can play.”

Raiahyah Yehudah ’17 agreed stating, “It’s a great idea for girls to get out and be physically active in a competitive sport like flag football.”

Not only does the creation of this team empower girls, but it also contributes to the diverse environment and emphasizes pride for the sport.

Laurina St. Fleur ’17 expressed her appreciation for the equality that has been established.

“Flag football seemed very interesting and being a part of Midwood’s first girl’s flag football team has this sense of pride with it,” said St .Fleur ‘17. “Football has been the soul sport for Midwood since forever and now girls have a share of that soul.”


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