Girls Badminton Team Under Development

Ms. Alan is excited to coach the new team.

By Stephanie Tam ’17

Creating a team to compete against the other schools, the new badminton club will improve their skills in the spring to create an ambitious team for 2017.

Angel Zou ‘17 and Jovita Lin ’18, the creators of the club, have been playing badminton for several years. Having a passion for the sport, they wanted to create a club in which everyone could play.  Although they wanted to start the club earlier, there were difficulties in doing so. For example, there wasn’t a place for students to practice.

“I wanted to start the club but the gym was occupied for the basketball and volleyball team,” Zou said.

As a result, Ms. Marguerite Allen, the supervisor for the club, is searching for a location where the club can practice. Ms. Allen is serious in helping the club accomplish its goal of creating a strong team to compete. Although, she has no experience in badminton, Ms. Allen wanted to get involved and help them as much as she can.

“There are many girls interested, so it just made sense to get the ball rolling in the right direction for Midwood to have a PSAL Badminton Team,” stated Ms. Allen.

She emphasized how students need to be committed to the club. The club is considered a team in training and it is necessary that all the members come to every meeting. This helps the students get weekly practice and bond with others, which improves their teamwork.

“The badminton club will be a great experience for me,” said Heidi Zhang ’19. “It can help me improve my skills and I will have a chance to compete in competitions.”

Badminton has gained popularity since its announcement. In the beginning, only a few people signed up to join. However, over the course of a few days, the signup sheet has grown so that more than a hundred students have gained interest in the club.

Due to funding and issues with PSAL, Midwood is not expected to have a badminton team until Spring 2017. Until then, the club will be considered a team in training.

With the immense number of students who want to join the club, the tryouts will be a success. The dedicated members will create a formidable team that will obtain great achievements in the future.

Jazmin Remache ’17, Sandy Wu ’17 and Kaitha Agnant ’17 contributed to this article

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