Bowling Star Shines Despite Outcome

Matt Putterman ’17 looks forward to the next season.

By Nick Cardieri ’17

As the bowling season came to an unfortunate end for the Boys Bowling Team, there was one interesting takeaway from the season: a newfound bowling phenom. Matt Putterman ’17 has been a varsity baseball player since his freshman year, but that did not stop him from exploring bowling.

“It was something that I never really tried before but it looked fun and I was sure I would like it,” said Putterman.

In as little as one season, Putterman has made a name for himself in the bowling world. Last season he led the league in highest average, highest score and was top 3 in the total pins dropped.

“What Matt did was really special, it was an awesome thing to watch come together,” said Mangeroo Eng ’17.

Putterman went from being unknown on the bowling team to being on the A team and being considered a team leader. During the regular season, his clutch bowling came in handy as he helped Midwood hold on to their leads so they wouldn’t lose. His leadership also showed, as he gave tips and tried to help the other bowlers get in on the success that he was having.

“Matt is like a big brother to me; he always tried to help me get better and he was very patient when he was giving me tips” said Anthony Steele ‘19. “I don’t know where my bowling would be without him.”

Some say that the toughest moments are where the stars really shine, and that quote holds true as seen in Putterman’s performance during the team’s playoff bout. He bowled a 211, which, according to multiple sources, is a professional level score. This performance helped boost the team’s confidence and helped them win the match to force them a game further in the playoffs. Even though Midwood ultimately lost that game, no one forgot the show that Putterman put on that day.

“I try not to focus on the individuality part of the sport, the accolades and accomplishments are nice and all but winning as a team is much better in my eyes,” said Putterman.

“Matthew’s season came out of the blue. He went from someone who was just trying out for the team to one of our best bowlers and emotional leaders. It was definitely a pleasant surprise,” said Mr. Michael Moore.

His skill and humanity helped Matthew rise in the high school bowling world to become one of the city’s top bowlers. His followers can’t wait to see what he does next year as a senior with one last chance to go for a city championship. Stay tuned for what many predict will be an exciting season to come.

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