All Stars Project Develops Young Professionals

By Norre Emmanuel ’17

The All Stars Project offers many opportunities for young people to grow and become young professionals. One of these programs is the The Development School for Youth (DSY).

The Development School for Youth is a leadership-training program for young people between the ages of 16 and 21 that focuses on development. The project works closely with corporate professionals and over 100 major corporations in NY and NJ to provide training experiences for the young leaders and paid summer internships for the all of the Development School for Youth graduates.

“The Development School for Youth has exposed me to situations and circumstances that I would have not seen myself doing before,” said Christina Cox ’17. “I was able to visit multiple fortune five hundred companies such as MetLife. Going to these companies has taught me how to do résumé writing, and how to prepare myself for interviews. It has also taught me about public speaking.”

The Development School for Youth stresses growth through performance. In order to put on an outstanding show one must learn to think ahead. One never knows what comes next or what problems one may encounter. An individual is taught to think about their actions before doing them. The All Stars are strong believers in performance and teaches their students how to perform in uncomfortable situations. Going to large companies forces young adults to interact with working adults on a different level.

“In the beginning I did not know much about how companies worked and the performance business,” said Omari Romain ’18. “As a result, it was difficult to speak to them about their businesses. Taking the risks I did become easier because I was in a very supportive environment.”

The All Stars Project tries to build a non judgmental environment. At weekly after school workshops students are told to do things that they might not be able to, but students are encouraged to try because there is nothing wrong with making mistakes.

“During my twelve weeks at the program I was encouraged to make mistakes,” said Naziah Edwards ’17. “This made it easier to contribute at workshops because there were no right or wrong answers. We were all there to learn. I feel I contributed to this environment in a very profound way by asking questions and trying my best to get my ensemble engaged in workshops.”

The All Stars and Development School for Youth can transform the lives of young people.

“The All Stars Project has had a great impact on my life. I was able to learn new strategies that I have not previously been taught, as well as different ways to comprehend information,” said Imani Murdock ’17. “[But] most importantly I was taught to believe in myself and never give up. I have referred a great amount of friends to this program to allow them to be exposed to the same atmosphere and environment I was fortunate enough to experience.”

The All Stars offers skills to young people and a vast array of opportunities to aspiring young leaders.

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