Word in the Hallways…

Who would you vote for if the election was tomorrow?

Ihor Bahknah ’16

“Ted Cruz is the candidate that will get my vote for the 2016 election. He gives the best of the Republican Party without going to the extreme of Donald Trump. The Democratic Party candidates are all very broken in my opinion. Bernie Sanders’ ideology is very socialistic. It sounds great to have free college for everyone but in our capitalistic government this can never work out. It will result in huge tax spikes because the money needs to come from somewhere and it will effectively come from our pockets. hIllary Clinton on the other hand, has had a lot of issues such as the Benghazi incident and the email scandal. Ted Cruz has won my support as he offers the best to America without going to any extreme.”

bismahwarraich (1)
Bismah Warraich ’16

“I would vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman and this is 2016. We consider ourselves so modern and advanced yet we haven’t had a female leader yet. This is no longer the 1950’s. Women have options now and it’s about time America gets a female president.”

Christina Patellos ’16

“I would vote for HIllary Clinton because none of the Republican candidates have any real platform and of the Democrats, she’s the only one who I think has the capability to change this country. Plus she’s a woman and as a woman myself, I feel that we lack political representation.”

Shahzeib Cheema ’16

“I would vote for Bernie Sanders without any hesitation. I believe that in every century there comes a leader who rises above personal desires for the betterment of all citizens. A leader who doesn’t only represent Republicans or Democrats but all Americans. In the 19th century the leader was Abraham Lincoln, in the 20th century it was FDR. And I believe that Bernie Sanders will be the leader of the 21st century, who will rid this country of poverty and take us out of turbulent times. It is time to take corruption and money out of politics and restore an America that my favorite president talked about in the Gettysburg address. It is time for you to see the truth and ‘Feel the Bern’!”

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