There Has Been an Awakening… Have you felt it?

Star Wars Harrison Ford
Chewbacca, portrayed stunningly by the Peter Mayhew, and the charming Harrison Ford as Hansolo

By Vlad Slonovskyy ‘17

I felt a major disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in surprise and were suddenly filled with happiness. I fear something magical has happened.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the newest addition to the Star Wars saga, and it is the first movie in the series to have come out in the past ten years. Fans new and old have been eagerly awaiting this movie, and it’s finally here with a bigger budget, better props, and more realistic effects than ever before. According to, this movie made close to $250 million in the first weekend in the United States alone, smashing any previous records held for opening weekends.

So, just what was so good about it?

Well, aside from the drastically improved visual effects, which made the movie feel much more realistic and helped the viewers be more immersed in what was happening, the plot, the new and old characters, and writing were all fantastic.

The visual effects in the movie were done to perfection. Everything seemed realistic, despite how impossible everything that happens in the Star Wars universe really is. Lightsaber battles, ships that hold entire armies, and destruction of planets all seemed “real” and really made viewers feel like what was in the movie was completely authentic. Lightsabers have been an iconic part of Star Wars for many years, but the previous installments of the series never really made them seem genuine. However, with the massively increased budget for this movie, Disney was able to produce lightsabers, ships, and sceneries that were all extremely realistic. The visuals in this movie were absolutely stunning, and were easily the best part of it.

Despite the effects being done to perfection, the characters in the movie were also realistic and viewers could really connect with some of them. Without spoiling anything, there were also a few beloved characters from the older movies that made an appearance in this sequel. However, the focus of the movie wasn’t on them, and the newer characters set up the next two or three movies in the series. The characters were really authentic and the jokes that they make throughout the movie really gives them a sense of feeling like real people, rather than actors just playing their roles. The characters, both new and old, were extremely relatable and made the story much more interesting.

Speaking of the story, it was similar to that of A New Hope, but it had it’s own original elements. The plot twists in the movie made it unpredictable, and unlike anything that has been put out before. To prevent spoiling anything, I’ll leave it at that, but the plot definitely kept my interest at all moments and I was on the edge of my seat for the whole movie.

All in all, this addition to the Star Wars franchise took the old Star Wars ideas and expanded upon them with much more advanced technology and better story writing, and the final result is easily one of the best movies in the entire series.

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