The Price of Religion in New York

hijab 3
Women in religious attire.

By Sugdiyona Nosirova ’17

Due to recent events in the news people’s view of Islam has changed. Many Muslims live in fear and get mistreated for the actions of ISIS, not knowing that ISIS makes up less than one percent of the Muslim population.

“People shouldn’t listen to media because they believe the claims of such a small population,” said Amna Aslam ‘17

Hijab is an Arabic word meaning barrier or partition. It is the symbol of modesty, which can be shown mentally with behavior or physically in a form of clothing made both for men and women. The most visible form of ​hijab is the headdress that many Muslim women wear. These days there is controversy whether the hijab is a symbol of diversity or oppression.

“Some people are ignorant enough to harass me for wearing something that is a symbol of modesty,” said Bismah Warriach ‘16

Many of the girls spoken to said they feel safe inside of school but outside is a different story.

“Over the summer I worked at The Borough Park Nursing Center and one woman wouldn’t talk to me and when she did she said I had no right to show my religion,” said Warraich.

Warraich later stated that there were Jewish men wearing Yamakas throughout the building. “Why were the Jewish men allowed to show their religion yet I was be ignored for showing mine? ” said Warraich.

Other students joke about certain events but they don’t know that it is a form of bullying.

“I was in seventh grade when Osama Bin Laden was killed and I remember a boy calling me Bin Laden’s sister,” said Warraich.

In a survey an anonymous student said she feels that people are genuinely nicer to her when she’s not wearing a hijab. She later said how her mother didn’t get a job because of her hijab so she decided to take it off for a different interview and she got the job.

The Quran gives the message of hope, faith, and peace.

“Media portrays Muslims to be different than how they actually are. They say that Muslims are violent but most are nice; majority v.s. minority,” said Farzana Hoque ’17.

People of other religions should respect the way Muslims live instead of judging them due to someone else’s actions. Some Muslims can’t live freely without being cautious of how they act.

“I don’t feel accepted into society and I don’t think my children in the future will either,” said Aslam. She believes that things can only get worse if nothing is done.

The school environment is not hostile according to the girls but its life on the streets that really affects them.

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