Snapchat Rules Social Media Sphere

The Snapchat logo

By Samuel Bekker ‘17

Social media is becoming more widespread as students are exposed to various applications, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, but some are more popular than others.

Snapchat is one of the most popular among students. Many students choose Snapchat over other types of social media because of its versatility.

“You open the Snapchat app, take a photo, then choose the people you want to send it to or post it on your story. It doesn’t get easier than that!” said Andaiye Wurm ’17.

According to, most students like to use Snapchat because there is no social pressure involved. As opposed to other types of social media, students can’t like or comment on Snapchat.

“I like the feature on Snapchat where I can choose who sees certain snapchats. On Facebook, people will look at my posts and only certain people will understand what the post actually means, whereas on Snapchat, I can choose to send the snapchat to only the people that I know will understand what is going on,” said Alice Lin ’17.

In addition, several students enjoy using Snapchat because there is a time limit that students can set so that their friends see their snapchats for a certain amount of time.

“The time limit option for Snapchat is amazing because once my friend sees it, the picture is gone. It can’t be found again and it won’t bite me in the back when I go to job interviews, unlike Facebook, where people can find anything that I have ever posted,” said Andrey Goryuk ‘17

Furthermore, most students like to utilize Snapchat more than other types of social media because it is quicker.

“I can get a response from a friend within two minutes if I use Snapchat,” said Jason Lam ’17.

Bitan Kar ’17 stated that Snapchat is what all of her friends are using. Her friends use Snapchat more often than Instagram and Facebook.

As stated by, 45 percent of the people between the ages of 18 to 24 years old use Snapchat.

Facebook, unlike Snapchat, allows students to like and comment on a friend’s posts.

Rabia Javaid ‘17 said that she feels pressured to get more likes than her friends on a picture that she posted on Facebook but feels more relaxed when using Snapchat.

Compared to Snapchat, Facebook doesn’t allow students to choose who sees a post. Once a post is made, everyone can see it, and the post can be easily found, even if it is deleted.

“I use Snapchat and Facebook every day, but I check Snapchat more often than Facebook because Snapchat is faster. I have to wait for someone to make a post on Facebook, and people usually make one or two posts each day. Snapchat, on the other hand, is as fast as instant messaging and can be used throughout the course of the day,” said Jacob Chernov ’17.

According to, 16.7 percent of people of ages 18 to 24 years old use Facebook, which is relatively low compared to Snapchat.

Like Facebook, Instagram allows students to like and comment on a friend’s posts or pictures. This puts students under the same pressure that Facebook does, which is to get more likes on posts than other students. Also, students don’t get to choose who sees their posts on Instagram.

According to, 23 percent of people of ages 18 to 24 years old use Instagram. This percentage is higher than Facebook, however, it is less than the percentage of people who use Snapchat in this age group.

“When it comes down to speed, Snapchat leaves Facebook and Instagram in the dust,” said Rabia Javaid ’17.

Overall, Snapchat is more popular than Instagram and Facebook among students.

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