Ping-Pong Club Swings Their Paddles

Lily Xiong ’16 focuses before she swings.

By Matthew Putterman ’17

​ Room B56B is the place to be for Hornets who are interested in playing Ping-Pong.

The Ping-Pong club, run by Mr. Kyle Manson, meets every Tuesday and Thursday during eighth period in the Midwood High School basement.

This is Mr. Manson’s first year in Midwood and his first year running the Ping-Pong club. When he heard Ms. Kauffman’s announcement that the school was looking for a teacher to run the Ping-Pong club, he quickly took the opportunity. Mr. Manson is a Midwood alumni who also used to play Ping-Pong back in high school.

“I started playing in high school with my friends, and I’m grateful to come back and play with the students of Midwood,” said Mr. Manson, a living environment teacher.

The club currently has 17 members, which is around the usual number of students who join the club.

While some students joined the club for fun, others joined for pure competition. Mr. Manson hosts singles and doubles tournaments every week for the students to compete. Students play to a game of eleven and the winner advances to the next round.

Every week one girl in particular always makes her way to the finals. Her name is Lily Xiong ’16 and some like to call her a professional Ping-Pong player.

“People like to tease me and call me a professional, but I just play for the pure fun and competition of the sport,” said Xiong.

Two summers ago she placed second in a tournament called the U.S. Nationals 2014. The students in the club and even Mr. Manson like to challenge Lily, hoping to take down the girl who is second in the nation.

“Lily is a very talented athlete and it is always fascinating to watch her play a game,” said Mr. Manson.

​ At the beginning of eighth period, Mr. Manson rolls out both Ping-Pong tables and brings out a bucket filled with paddles and Ping-Pong balls. One table is an official Ping-Pong table and another table is held together with tape.

“I like to bring my own paddles and Ping-Pong paddle because the equipment we have stored in the basement isn’t the best to play with,” said William Cantor ’16.

​ The Ping-Pong club has been going on for a month now and will continue until the end of the semester. Mr. Manson hopes to continue the Ping-Pong club in the spring and will figure out the days and period at a later date.

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