Hornets Work Hard on SING Production

By Olga Savuk ‘17

SING, a production created with student ideas and creativity, is just around the corner. Members from grades, SoFresh (freshmen and sophomores), Juniors and Seniors, are putting on a show to compete for victory.

Students participating in SING are working after school and during weekends to put on an original show. With the 4 hours students spend on Saturdays and the time they spend during the week, club members work about 8 hours every week. Commissioners, leaders and all other members are taking on a big responsibility.
This show is mostly student based. Each person pays a due to help fund the production. The commissioners are able to get every ones money on time by setting a due date. If a member does not hand in the money on time, they are required to pay more.

“Even though it’s a lot of work to be a leader, in the end it’s all worth it,” said modern dance leader, Deanna Andreyev ‘17,. “At the moment, however, it’s stressful coming up with an entire dance and then trying to teach it to people my age.”

This year SoFresh is putting on a show involving the interaction between humans and aliens. Earth was destroyed by asteroids causing the surviving human race to go into space and find a new home. Unfortunately, the new place humans found adaptable had aliens already living there. The rest of the show surrounds how the humans and aliens live among each other and the troubles they had to overcome.

“Well SoFresh is great so far,” said SoFresh’s commissioner, Tahreem Sheikh ‘19, “We go most of our stuff done and everyone is on task.” Sheikh continued by stating how there is a lot of pressure on the commissioners especially because they are in charge of the entire show.

Juniors are putting on a show that surrounds the social issue gender equality. It includes male superheroes who believe that they will never need help from female superheroes. When two new super villains arrive, the male superheroes realize that they need the female superheroes help to defeat the evil.

“Right now SING is very tense because the show is in a month and we still have a lot of work to do,” stated Jillian Geist ‘17, member of the art crew, “We might be behind but at least SING is enjoyable. I get to paint, hang with friends, listen to music and relax.”

Senior SING takes place in the city that never sleeps! A girl moves from Hawaii to New York City and uses the city to find her inner self. She meets different people and gets to experience the urban life.

“It’s coming along quite great,” said Amanita Funaro ‘16. She went on how this year is not as stressful as the years before because she’s not commissioner. She still needs to memorize lines and also finish all the art stuff. She wishes there was more time.

A lot of stress is built up from the overwhelming amount of work. Not only do actors have to memorize all their lines, but they have to figure out blocking and last minutes changes. The art crew has to paint a backdrop that is sixteen by twenty-four feet. Also the art leaders and commissioners have to spend a day buying art supplies. When supplies run out, commissioners have to make several more trips to restock. Dancers have to know several pieces of choreography. Band plays throughout the whole show; therefore, they have to know many songs.

Competition between the grades sparks pride within each group. Students build on each other’s ingenuity and motivate themselves for 1st place.

“SING has brought us together over the past several years. It as allows students of various interests to come together to produce one great result,” said Michelle Nemirovsky ‘16, “I’m thankful for this opportunity, and I’d definitely suggest to join if you’re considering. For modern dance, we are acting as business women in New York City.”

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