Endless Activities Await in NYC

The Rose Main Reading Room at the 42nd New York Public Library.

By Clifford Young ‘17 and Shawanda Walcott ‘17

Amid the odd winter weather, natives and visitors alike can still indulge in the never-ending list of things to do in New York City.         

According to Thrillist, thrillist.com, visiting the Forty-Second Street New York Public Library branch ranks number three on 21 Free Things To Do In NYC. Stopping at the branch gives an individual access to a study space, huge supply of books, old paintings, as well as free internet access.

“The architecture and the rooms in the library are just beautiful to see and study. It’s truly a great study environment,” said Queens-native Ms. Kelly Song. “I definitely think everyone should visit the library! Everyone I have brought to the library has been left in awe and wanting to go back.”

One of the many iconic things to do during a New York winter season is to walk through Manhattan’s Times Square and take pictures with the many screens and bright lights with family and friends.

“The first time I walked through Times Square, it was [during the] night so the lights immediately caught my attention,” said Pennsylvania college student Ms. Shavagne Condison. “You see lots of different, weird things [and] there’s lots of tourists, and movie stars as well.”

In addition to the spirit of the winter season, one can browse some of the city’s best markets. If you’re interested in food, Chelsea Market is a must visit in New York, according to reviews on Tripadvisor, tripadvisor.com. Based off of chelseamarket.com, in just 15 years Chelsea Market has become one of the greatest indoor food halls of the world with more than 35 vendors purveying everything from soup to nuts, wine to coffee and cheese to cheesecake. Its upscale collection of food markets, restaurants, and a few art shops attract thousands of people into a space made for hundreds.

With a mile worth of museums, many may forget to stop by the Tenement Museum tucked in the Lower East Side at the corner of Orchard and Delancey Streets. Although lesser known, this museum offers a first-hand look of how immigrants to New York City lived. According to the Tenement Museum, tenement.org, for twenty-five dollars visitors have the option of touring the site to see rooms from different periods of time, engage in a walking tour of the Lower East Side to experience immigrant experiences, and meet a costumed interpreter playing a past resident of a tenement building.

With the winter season bringing the cold, windy days, it is important to stay warm. In the Dumbo area of Brooklyn, Jacques Torres Chocolate has been top rated as one of the best hot chocolates places around town according to businessinsider.com.

If you have never gotten a good view of the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry is a free service that can solve this problem. The ferry moves 22 million passengers a year between Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan and St. George’s Terminal in Staten Island. It provides photo opportunities as well as free wifi, which will spark the interest of more tech savvy passengers.

Speaking of views, another option is checking out the Roosevelt Island Tramway. This tramway runs on aerial cable wires from Manhattan’s Upper East Side to Roosevelt Island. For the same price as a trip on the subway, visitors and natives can experience the view over the East River and the New York skyline.

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