Boys Swim Team Prepares for Battle of Bedford

Jin Huang ’16 does the freestyle stroke

By Tiffany Chea ’17 and Jenna Palme ’17

As the sound of splashes and cheers echoed through the room, the boys swim team competed diligently and swam into the season with a strong start. The team has already won two meets, with their only close loss of 48-44 being to Brooklyn Technical High School.   

With the margin so close in the Brooklyn Tech meet, members of the team believe that the season is going well and that the team is up to a good start.

Robert Kosinski ’16 said, “I see us finishing strong, we had a difficult time with Brooklyn Tech but it’s the closest we’ve gotten in years. I’m feeling really confident when we go against Fort Hamilton.”

Dennis Roytberg ’17 said, “I feel we will make an impact during the season,” in regards to their loss to Brooklyn Tech.

Schools such as Brooklyn Tech and Fort Hamilton High School are viewed as tough competition, causing the team to be in high spirits as they are more motivated than ever. Last year, Midwood lost to Brooklyn Tech with a score of 53-38 while Midwood and Fort Hamilton had reached a tie with scores of 51.

One greatly anticipated meet for the team is between Midwood and Madison High School, often referred to as the Battle of Bedford, which takes place on Januay 15.

Last year, Madison won the Battle of Bedford with a score of 54-40, and the year before last Madison was defeated by the Hornets with a score of 48-46.

“We will be expecting the game to be a close one, as the games we played in the past have been so close,” said Mitchell Mui ’17. “All the members are dedicated and we will be trying our best to win.”

To prepare for the competition, the team meets for practice nearly everyday, teaching new swimmers dives and flipturns as well as challenging each other by swimming relays. Throughout these two hour practices, the boys are expected to perform drills that prepare them for meets. Drill sets are necessary in order to maintain stamina, and the swimmers are occasionally timed  to see if they have improved.

Vigorous practice is not the only aspect that contributes to a quality swim team; it is essential that there is plenty of  good sportsmanship as well. Even if the team loses, they’re expected to keep their heads up high and respect the opposing team.  Once the meet ends both teams do a chant and shake hands with one another. In addition to having a respectful attitude towards the opposing team, it is important that members work together and acknowledge each other’s strong points in order to motivate swimmers to do their best.

“The rookies are pretty good swimmers and they’ll help us a lot during this season,” stated Timothy Wong ’17. “The freshman Paul Kim is a strong swimmer who has great times.”

With an abundance of practice, good sportsmanship and a strong bond between team members, the boys swim team is confident that they will be  able to prevail against their competition this season.

Kosinski said, “Coach says when you get in the water, swim your heart out- and that’s exactly what we plan on doing.”

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