Bandwith Limits Access to Wifi

By Leonel Rojas ’17, Mitchell Mui ’17, Isabel Perez ’17, and Beatrice Kushnir ’17

Students have managed to grab hold of the wifi password- again.

The wifi password was changed near the end of 2014 after several students got ahold of it. Students were able to discover  the password despite the fact that it is a long set of numbers and letters, slowing down the  internet speed.

Many students use their phones in school on a regular basis to check social media, catch up on homework during free periods, or text in between classes. When using their phones without wifi, their phone bills may increase causing them to pay more than they would like to.

Most students use the internet on their phones.

Principal Michael McDonnell said students are not allowed to have the wifi password on their personal devices.

“Some students would use the school wifi for movies or music,” said Mr. McDonnell.

According to Mr. McDonnell, if 100 students were to use the school wifi at the same time, then this would lead to the demise of the school’s internet.

The reason is the school has a limited bandwidth. Think of it this way: bandwidth is a road which can allow several cars to travel in one direction. If too many cars are using the road, there will be traffic, causing slower speeds. In this case, too many people using the wifi will decrease the school’s internet speed.

If a student were to be found with the school wifi password, it could lead to suspension or other disciplinary actions, indicated Mr. McDonnell.

Some of the population believes there is no problem in using the wifi.

“I would love to offer free wifi,” said Mr. McDonnell, “but I am unable to allow it due to the limited bandwidth of the school’s wifi.”

Mohammed Ashraf ’17 said, “Obtaining the school wifi enables me as well as other students to stay on top of schoolwork. I could check homework assignments, grades and be notified when teachers make announcements.”

However in a recent survey, some students believe creating a school wifi would only create a distraction. Students would pay more attention to their phones, instead of their schoolwork. Teachers would have a harder time teaching when students are not focused.

“The school would be wasting money on the wrong things, instead of our education,” said Crystal Cao ‘18. “People may take advantage of the school wifi to do non- educational stuff.”

Joshua Katz ’17 said, “Of course I would use it for schoolwork, but it would help me socially, too.”

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