SING Prepares to Compete

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SING performers practicing

By Rina DeFrancesco ’17

SING, an annual tradition almost as old as the school, is a student produced show involving dancing, singing, acting, art, and more. Three groups, Freshmen and Sophomores (So-Fresh), Juniors, and Seniors, compete against each other for the best show.

Before SING can be shown, there is a lot that must happen to get this production set for the public. With the show usually being held in February each year, students must work extremely hard to do everything. A responsibility is put on all the SING leaders, commissioners, and anyone involved.

“Being leader so far has been really stressful, and rehearsals didn’t even start yet!” stated Eylul Duramaz ’17, one of the acting directors for Junior SING.

Duramaz and fellow Junior SING acting director Nina

Zadushlivy ’17 have begun writing the script for this year’s performance.

“It feels like we have to get this script done and perfect it in such a short amount of time. On top of school and other outside activities, it really adds a huge weight to our shoulders,” said Zadushlivy.

Despite this, being a part of the SING production is an amazing experience, according to Zadushlivy and Duramaz.

“It’s crazy to even think about the fact that this is my last year,” said Michael Cardali ’16, one of the four overall senior commissioners for the entire SING show.

The overall commissioners’ responsibility is to watch over and handle everything for all three SING groups: So-Fresh, Juniors, and Seniors.

“I’m not very worried because I know I and my other overalls can handle the workload,” said Cardali. All three of these leaders have experience with SING and the leadership responsibilities.

“Last year was really stressful but in the end was worth it to see everything fall into place,” said Duramaz. “SING is just something that makes me feel happy.

“As a freshman, SING was such an amazing experience for me as something in high school,” stated Sarah Genchanok ‘18. Genchanok was a part of SING last year and took the opportunity for this year’s So-Fresh group to audition for Modern Dance leader.

According to Zadushlivy, seniors have been on  winning streak for quite some time now. “All I can say is that this is the year that will break that streak,” joked Zadushlivy.

Cardali, on the other hand, had different thoughts. “This year, Seniors will win like they never have before,” he said, proudly. It seems that there is much pride and confidence in these SING groups.

Auditions were held on Thursday, November 5. From now on, it’s nothing but hard work being put in by these students. Make sure not to miss all this work being brought to life!

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