Cycling Club Bikes Stolen


By Michelle Li ’17, Jessica Wen ’17, Olga Savuk ’17 and Jillian Geist ’17   

Approximately 30 bikes went missing from the Cycling Club’s container at East River Park on Thursday, October 15.

Members of the club planned to have their usual biking activity on that Thursday. However, it was cancelled because the container that stored the bikes was broken into.

According to Mr. Michael Dowd, the supervisor of the cycling club, the bikes were supposedly secured with a heavy duty lock on the container. When all the bikes were gone, Mr. Dowd informed Bike New York and the police.

Bike New York is an organization that provides helmets, bikes, and gear for the cycling club and the people of New York. According to Mr. Dowd, the police are looking more into this case, hoping to find out what happened to the bikes.

According to Mohammed N. Ashraf ’17, one of the advisors of Bike New York opens the container for the cycling club and they leave all their belongings inside before going biking.

The location where the bikes are stored depends on Bike New York. A few members felt the location where the bikes were stored this year wasn’t safe enough.

“The place we kept the bikes wasn’t necessarily safe since it was at the park, and there’s a lot of people there,” said Jessica Luo ’17.

No one is being held accountable for the theft because at the moment there are no suspects as the case is still being investigated.

“I was so worried that this would be the end of the club. It had just started,” said Joshua Katz ’17, president of the cycling club. “I felt responsible but at the same time, I knew it wasn’t my fault,” he continued.

Jessica Luo ‘17 said “I knew this was bound to happen. This place didn’t look secure enough.” She also described how she didn’t feel safe leaving her bag in the lockers the organization provided.

According to multiple members, this club meant a lot to them. It was a way for many of them to take a break from their busy school lives and still be productive. Tajinur Jafarli ‘17 discussed how she met many new people, who eventually became her close friends.

“I’m going to miss going to lower Manhattan and visiting new places,” Jafarli said.  On the clubs bike runs, the club members would visit museums and other parks in Manhattan.

Without the bikes, the cycling club will not be able to continue their fall activities of biking around the city. Instead, they will go on hikes and have their meetings once a week. The club is still planning out other activities that they can do over the rest of the fall semester.

“We’re going to be traveling to Cold Spring in upstate New York to hike in the Hudson Highlands State Park,” said Ashraf ’17.

Many members of the club were excited for their hike on Saturday, November 7, but they miss their usual biking activity.

As Shaian Sharmin ’17, the vice president of the cycling club said, “Doing anything with the club is fun and everyone’s pretty good friends with each other. It’s also nice to see nature.”

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