Why Choose Midwood?


By Samuel Bekker ’17

“I chose Midwood because it is a big school that is diverse and has many opportunities in education and athletics,” said Bryan Roytman ’18.

With over 4,000 students, Midwood has lots of competition for Advanced Placement classes, which are college courses, or any classes in general.

“Midwood has a large variety of classes, and not just Advanced Placement classes, but electives too. Personally, I enjoy robotics,” said Jason Lam ’17.

Sarah Wu ’17 said that she chose Midwood because she had heard about the programs and classes that Midwood offers and thought it was the best high school to prepare her for college.

Midwood offers several different programs, such as Medical Science, Humanities, and Liberal Arts. Each program has a variety of paths that a student could pursue.

For instance, the Medical Science program allows the students to choose three type of tracks: Science Research, Pre-engineering, and Modern Science. The Humanities program offers students two types of programs: Visual Arts and Music.  The Liberal Arts program offers students three types of strands: Honors Liberal Arts and Science, College and Career Readiness, and College Support.

In addition, the school offers 35 teams and 55 clubs to its students, with more clubs that are waiting to be approved and created. Some clubs that students can join are the Cycling club and the Midwood Debate club. Each club is unique and appeals to different groups of students.

“There are so many clubs that it makes it difficult for me to choose what club I want to join,” said Alice Lin ’17.

Nicholas Christensen ’17 said “I chose Midwood because there are so many sports teams so, I have many options to choose a sport that I want to play in college.”

With a large amount of students, Midwood’s community is distinct and diverse.

Jacob Kapustin ‘18 said that the community in Midwood is friendly and welcoming.

Alice Lin ’17 stated that during passing, a student can meet so many people with different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities.

Midwood is the right choice for some students, but is the wrong choice for others. Some students might dislike the school because it contains large amounts of people and they prefer smaller communities with less competition for classes. Some students might enjoy the programs and classes offered, but other students may not like the programs and classes and may want to pursue a different path or career that Midwood doesn’t offer.

“If you don’t like science, math or language classes, I don’t think Midwood is the right place for you,” said Rabia Javaid ’17.

On the other hand, Midwood can be a better choice than a smaller school because there are more people to socially interact with. A student can meet more people and be exposed to a more diverse group of people compared to the diversity of a smaller school.

Bryan Roytman ’18 said that he likes that Midwood has many social opportunities.

Many students chose Midwood for its academic opportunities, diverse and unique community, and large variety of teams and clubs, along with more developments in the future.

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