Tragic Love Strikes The Stage


By Mohammad Khalid ’17

AIDA auditions for the spring production took place in the auditorium on November 17, 18, and 19. Students of all grades showed up to be part of the spring production of the play.

AIDA is an Italian opera written by Giuseppe Verdi in 1871. In the opera, Egypt and Ethiopia are at war and the princess of Ethiopia; AIDA gets captured and sent to Egypt. There AIDA turns into a slave and serves the Pharaoh’s daughter Amneris. The love part of the opera is when Radames, an Egyptian captain and falls in love with AIDA, however, Amneris is also in love with Radames. This opera includes war and love songs. Also, there is action and dancing.

Organizer Ms. Liz Bommorito said, “It’s a beautiful love story for the girls and also action for the boys.”

She explained that the opera attracts both male and female students. She encourages all students to watch the play in May. She believes that this year is going to better than last year.

“Wonderful cast, this year we have sophomore and freshmen in leading roles,” said Ms. Bommorito.

We discussed that this year there were a wide range of auditions. She is thrilled to work with this year’s cast because of the wide range of students. In addition, she accepted all 28 students who auditioned. She emphasized the fact that there is a lot of space for students. Furthermore, she explained that this year the ensemble is great and is thrilled to work with them.

Ms. Bommorito said, “I am excited to work with the new lights and sound system in the auditorium”

She explained that last year the lights and sound system were not so great. This year she is excited to work with the new lights and sound system in order to make this play the best. She also said that AIDA is all about lights, and this will help the play in a positive way. The new sound will make AIDA better, and the new sound and light system will attract a much larger audience.

The students learn acting, singing, math, sewing and architecture. Ms. Bommorito explained that every year students learn acting and singing that helps them get into college. The cast is working on costumes for the play and are using Lady Gaga as an inspiration. The cast is also building the set with the help of Dr. Ernest Pysher. This builds their architecture skills that will soon help them later in life.

Christina Charles ’16 is playing the lead role of AIDA in the play. She said, “It would be a great experience to be part of because we have an amazing and diverse cast.”

Christina Charles explained that this year she is going to have a great time with the diverse cast. In addition, she is a senior who hopes to do something special before going off to college. She feels that she would be great for the role because of her experience in Midwood Glee since her freshman year.

This year’s stage director is Selen Ergin ’16 said, “It’s an opportunity to meet new people.”

She explained that the job of stage director is making sure everyone is in position. This helps her talk to different people and learn more about them. Since it’s her senior year she wants to do something before going to college.

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