Tough Game Ends in Victory


By Wendly Alce ’17         

Boys’ Varsity Basketball secured another victory against the Canarsie Chiefs on Tuesday, December 8. The boys squeezed by with a clutch overtime win with the score ending 68-66.

      The game began at a fast pace with Canarsie close to a double digit lead by the end of the first quarter. The crowd was disappointed that their Hornets were losing, but they didn’t give up on their team. By the end of the second quarter the Hornets dug a deeper hole for themselves; the team made turnovers, took forced shots, and made silly fouls. There was just about no reason to cheer. Heading into halftime the Hornets were down by 17 points.

           “It seemed like they were playing just to play with no energy to win,” Pablo Napoli Borrero ’17 said.

        At the start of the third quarter you could see the obvious difference in their play style. Whatever it was that Mr. Victor Gjeca told them during halftime must have worked because they came out blazing. The team was taking more time with the ball, hitting more shots, and playing better defense. By the end of the third quarter the Hornets had fought back to a deficit.

           The fourth quarter started, and the teams were tied at 44. It was a back and forth game, but the game was coming to a close and Midwood was up by 5. It seemed to everyone that the Hornets could close out this game with no problems, but the Canarsie Chiefs came down the court and hit a three and stole the inbound pass and scores another basket to tie the game.

       The game went into a dramatic overtime. The Hornets kept a cool head and played just as expected. Down the stretch Matthew Meikle ’17 was given the ball in the corner, and he shot and hit the three pointer with the crowd going wild as he celebrated. Although the crowd was going crazy, Meikle ’17 was saying, “I can do this, I can do this.”

           Everyone was celebrating but the game wasn’t over. After the shot was made the Hornets were winning by one. The Chiefs’ heads were still up as they came back down the court to score another basket and go up by one. The Hornets gave the ball once again to Meikle ’17 in the same corner and scores the three pointer again. This time the spectators couldn’t control themselves as Meikle ’17 brought out another celebration. This shot nearly decimated Canarsie’s spirit. With only seconds left on the clock and the Chiefs try to rush down the court and shoot a three pointer, but they had no success. The Hornets won 68-66 and their record jumped to 3-1.

However, Midwood lost to rival school Madison earlier on in the season, though that has only made them work harder to win, proven by their determination during the game against Canarsie.

“Losing our first game really motivates us to go hard at practice so we can light up the scoreboard,” said guard Michael Richards ’17, team captain.

               Since then, the team has rebounded and vow to win the next key matchups against Madison on January 12 and Erasmus Hall on January 19, two very competitive opponents.

Richard Kozak ’17 and Norre Emmanuel ’17 contributed to this article.

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