Renovations Improve Auditorium Quality


By Jiayin Lin ’17 and Jessica Wen ’17

Students are looking forward to the new equipment and seats that will be added to the 74 year old auditorium. They are expected to be finished before January 2016 for SING.

     The news of the auditorium repairs was recently announced in the October Argus issue, “Auditorium to be Renovated” by Jacky Lin ’16 and Jeremy Shivwkumar ’16.

     Dr. Ernest R. Pysher was granted a full resolution, also known as a grant, for a capital repair, to replace the auditorium seats by the Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adams.

     “The red velvet seats are five years old, but Midwood students have proved to be too rough on them,” said Dr. Psyher. “New York City Ballet audiences were much kinder to those seats than we were.”

     Using the funds, the school custodians have temporarily repaired the broken chairs and are planning to replace all the seats over the summer.

     As of now, the repairs in the auditorium do not affect the students since repairs will only be done from 6PM to 2AM at night throughout the summer of this year.

     Along with the new seats, the repairs will include an additional sound system, which will consist of the four EXL plugs that will be in front of the auditorium. They are expected to be finished before Midwood’s 75th anniversary in October 2016.

     New lights for the stage will also be added to be used as dimmers but will need to be connected into the auditorium house lights, according to Dr. Pysher.

     Many students think that these repairs are a great idea and that they will be better for our school.

     Krystal Yuen ’18 said, “I think it’s a great idea because this creates a better image for Midwood as a school, especially when we have speculators around our school. In addition, this provides better comfort for Midwood students when we attend student meetings or while watching performances. Overall, this is one step closer in providing a desirable and comfortable environment for all Midwood students.”

     Some students who believe otherwise say that there are more changes needed.

     “The way that they plan to repair it [the auditorium] is useless,” said Amanda Kwong ’16. “If they are replacing the chairs with the same ones, then it’s a waste of money. I feel like we are just going to destroy it again. In my opinion, I think we should change to a different chair design because these chairs are not working out.”

     Selina Liu ’17 believes that more should be done such as making the auditorium walls brighter and restoring the stage floors to make it more sturdy.

     Most students also agreed that the lack of air conditioning is the most important problem that needs to be addressed.

     “I  hope they repair or replace the air conditioning system so students can relax when the weather gets warmer, rather than to sit uncomfortably in the overwhelming heat ,” said Gary Shum ’17.

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