Raise.me Offers Students Boost in Paying Tuition


By Mitchell Mui ‘17

Helping students achieve success, Raise.me strives to help those who are in need with college with micro scholarships for college

Raise.me’s website generates millions of dollars to help support students who want to achieve scholarships for  their target school. Currently, Raise.me supports more than 100 universities in the United States.

To become eligible for scholarships, students must create an account and add achievements to their profile. Achievements include clubs, teams, athletics and other extracurricular activities as well as AP classes, Honors classes and electives.

The website’s main goal is to provide all students with equal access to a college education.

“It interests me because I take a lot of courses, and their scholarship offers quite a sum of money just for the classes I take,” stated Kelwin Lau ‘16. “ I like the fact that they take into consideration the difficulties of the classes to determine the value of the scholarship.”

Starting in ninth grade, students are eligible for this program online, giving many a head start in the college process. Sponsors include well known colleges such as Penn State as well as companies such as Facebook.

Raise.me has also received four awards for fostering academic sucess as well as support from national youth organizations.

Some students had ambivalent reactions to the website when they first began using it.

“Raise.me at first seemed useless, however as I continued to browse the features of the website, it proved beneficial as it allowed me to put my electives to good use,” said Amanda Esau ‘17.

The credits earned from these electives can give students about +200 dollars in micro scholarships to a particular college. Over time, these micro scholarships can add up and help students cover the cost of their higher education.

Nahian Chowdhury ’16 contributed to this article.

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