Peer Tutoring Provides Deeper Understanding


By Ting Ren ’17

Conceptual understanding of a subject is critical to passing a test; however, nobody knows everything. The peer tutoring center is a place where students apply knowledge they’ve gained to help their peers with subjects that they find difficult.

Open all periods, students who are struggling with their classes are welcome, along with students who want to help tutor them.                                  

As a result, tutors receive service credits for the time they sacrifice to help other students out; while students who attend this program gain a wider understanding with the topics they don’t understand. According to Mrs. Teresa Fernandez, the Assistant Principal of Foreign Language and also the person who created the program on 2009, one of the main reasons she wanted to start this program was because she realized that students needed support from their peers and she saw that there was a talent students had to help other students who are struggling. She claims that the peer tutoring center is a place where students can help each other and share struggles together.

Despite the program’s success, there are also some problems that Mrs. Fernandez has to face. Maintaining the peer tutoring center can be difficult. There needs to be a teacher to supervise the center for each period, while having sufficient textbooks is also critical. At the same time, program changes at the beginning of the school year, makes it difficult for Mrs. Fernandez to make arrangements on assigning which teachers and students will be going on which period.

When Mrs. Fernandez first started the program, there were only a small group of tutors and teachers who attended this program. However, as years passed, there are now a new set of students and teachers who are currently signed up for the program.

“One of the ways to make the community better is to help those who struggle,” said Mrs. Fernandez. Tutoring is a way to contribute and bring an impact to not just one student but to many students.

According to Shu Hui Li ’17, who is struggling in math class, peer tutoring has really helped her gain a better understanding about topics that she does not understand as well as an improvement in her grades.

“Sometimes I think I don’t get enough practice on certain topics. The teacher talks briefly about the topic and continues to another topic, it’s hard for me to catch up,” said Li. According to Illham Ahmed ’17 who just signed up this year as a tutor, students struggling with their classes should definitely seek help by joining the center. “Teachers have thirty-something students to teach and have different ways of teaching. Not all students understand the way teachers teach. Since peer tutoring is a one to one type of thing, it would allow students to understand the topic better,” said Ahmed.

She claims that teachers usually have limited free time to re-teach students individually, therefore, peer tutoring would be a better option since the tutors have already taken or do well in the class.

Thanks to Mrs. Fernandez’s planning, dedicated tutors, and teachers who contribute their spare time to supervise the peer tutoring center,  it has been successful until this day in aiding students.

should be credited for their strong support and sacrifice that has allowed the center to become what it is today.

Rather than stressing oneself about a topic that seems impossible to understand, peer tutoring is an option for all students to consider. Why worry and stress yourself and spend hours on re-reading textbooks and notes when one simple, thorough explanation from a student tutor can solve all your problems?

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