Parents’ Association Helps Improve School

By Daina Potter ’17

“Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility” are the core values of Midwood High School and the Parents Association reflects this.

The Parents Association has been active part of this school for years. The Parents Association is a group of parents and guardians who come together and talk about issues or concerns going on in their children’s school.

“We provide information to high school parents on school news, college readiness and fundraise,” wrote Skhy LoBianco-Boasi, the co-president of the association.

In addition, they host meetings based on parents’ wishes. They talk about the emotional and social development of students, and academic progress. At the meetings, they usually have guest speakers who are mostly staff members. At one meeting the principal spoke, and at another two school safety agents talked about safety for students. About 20 or more parents attend the meetings.

The Parent Association has many goals. They want to get parents involved as well as be a resource for them. They want to make parents comfortable with the school. On top of that, they raise money and help in school activities.

Patrick Thornton, the recording secretary said, “The PA volunteers for school activities. For example, we help during SING, Open houses, high school fairs, and new student orientation.”

Last year, they fundraised by selling t-shirts and foods items for SING. This year, members have been asked to pay dues. The money raised by the parents association goes back to the students. For example, they fund the senior awards ceremony.Money is also given based on requests from teachers and students. Capital Funding is another way they get money for the school. They gain this funding through a partnership with the city council members. This can go toward school improvements such as reconstruction of the athletic filed, computer equipment and renovations around schools. These parents do a lot to help our school.

The Executive boards of the Parents association for 2015-16 consist of Co-presidents Skhy Lobianco-Boasi and Ursula Edwards, Treasurer Debra Daniel, Recording Secretary Patrick Thornton and Financial Secretary Gerard Mark. Most of the member’s children attend the school which is why they joined. They wanted to be involved in their child’s school to try and make a difference. But they also learned more about themselves and the school.

“The Parents Association has impacted me in which I have met a lot of parents as well as learnt a great deal of information from the different speakers,” said Debra Daniels, the Treasurer.

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