New Teacher Fosters Logical Reasoning

Ms. Anderson teaching forensic skills

By Alison Wang ’17

Ms. Alyse Anderson aids juniors and seniors in cracking modern day cases through her Forensics class.

In our everyday lives, we hear and see crimes taking place. Without forensics, prosecutors won’t be able to easily detect criminals, solve crimes, and even know if a crime took place. DNA sequencing, Magnetic Fingerprinting and Automatic Fingerprint Identification (AFIS), and alternative light photography are all techniques forensic scientists nowadays use with the help of technological advancements.

“Forensics is awesome,” stated Ms. Anderson. “I love working with students and seeing progress within them.”

Nora Zagranichny ’17 said, “The class is centered mostly around group work, but Ms. Anderson does a really good job at explaining the process well.”

Forensics is a science elective where logical reasoning and examination comes in handy while solving crimes. Students in this class do labs and investigations pertaining to what we would see in the real world. Some examples include fingerprint classifications, counterfeit money observations, and shop print analyses.

“I really liked the counterfeit money lab,” said Muhammad Ali Usman ’17. “It taught me how to spot the difference between real and fake bills by differentiating its unique pointers.”

According to Ms. Anderson, Midwood is a large school like her high school. However, she didn’t work in large schools prior to her job at Midwood. It will definitely be a challenge, but she is ready to take on this action.

“I want to give quality work to all students, but it’s a lot of moving work to grade 160 students’ work,” said Ms. Anderson.

Ms. Anderson has been teaching for about seven years, which include teaching piano and in museums.

“I played piano since Kindergarten,” said Ms. Anderson. “Throughout my high school career, I played at weddings and funerals.”

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine a Arts, with emphasis on digital embroidery, and Anatomy. Currently, she is working towards her Masters degree in Biology.

According to Ms. Anderson, she plans on becoming an anatomy or psychology teacher.

Overall, Ms. Anderson has a long way to go but she’s ready to defeat with battle. With her tenacity and enthusiasm, there’s a whole bright journey ahead of her.

“I definitely enjoy her class a lot,” said Eric Gayzler ’17. “She’s a very fun teacher and connects with her students well. For a first year teacher, I think she’s doing a splendid job.”

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