New Clock System Completed


By Fiona Ng He ’17, Jazmine Remache ’17, and Jeffrey Cheuk ’17

        With the new school year came a new clock system and several malfunctions. Some clocks displayed the incorrect time and others didn’t work at all. Students and staff had to resort to using their cellular devices to check the time. Fortunately, the clocks have recently begun to work correctly.

“They are currently being installed,” said Principal Michael McDonnell. “This is a project that started last Christmas.”

The clocks were part of the project to redo the fire alarm and PA (Public Address) System, and the clocks just happen to come with it. However, a lot of time has been spent to install and set everything up; the project has been going on for about eight to nine months. The actual installation of the whole clock and speaker system began near the beginning of summer vacation, and only now are some of the clocks starting to work.

“The clocks come with the new P.A. system,” Mr. McDonnell said. “It’s not the importance of the clocks, but of the new speaker system.”

However, the clocks are just as necessary as the P.A. system; without them, students and teachers don’t know how much time they have left to complete the lesson.

Fixing this problem could minimize the use of phones in class and allow the students to pay more attention.

        “Now that the clocks are working, they really become useful like they are supposed to be,” said Claudia Moi ’17. “They keep me updated on the time while I’m in class.”

Lisa Lu ‘18 said, “It’s harder for students to time themselves when they are taking a test because some students do not have these things called watches, so they depend on the school’s clock.”

Having these clocks is a faster way to check on the time. While taking tests or quizzes, students cannot have any electronic device out, therefore; the clocks are useful tools for them and their teachers.

The PA system and the alarms had to be set up properly in order for the new clocks to work.

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