Mrs. Kaminer Leaves The Nest


By Michelle Li ’17 and Carmen Zheng ’17       

After working at Midwood High School for 20 years, Ms. Sharon Kaminer, the secretary of the college office is retiring. Her last day of work will be December 23.

Before her retirement, Ms. Kaminer promised to finish all the senior college applications and has been training the new secretary. The training will prepare the new college office secretary in helping out the incoming seniors. The new secretary will start in February. Ms. Kaminer has left her plans for the new secretary as well as advices she gives to seniors most of the time.

“I will leave a bible sort of things that happens on a monthly basis and example work that needs to be done with it,” said Ms. Kaminer.

Throughout her years in Midwood, students helped shape her career.

As Ms. Kaminer smiled, she said, “The kids, believe it or not, I yell at them, I scream at them, but I love them.”

Senior students who know and have monitored for Ms.Kaminer expressed their thoughts about her retirement and how she has helped them along the way.

“This year has been really stressful. When the college counselors aren’t available to answer your questions, Ms.Kaminer has always been there,” said Kyra Haly ‘16. “I am so sad that she is leaving, I can’t see anyone that can replace her spot.”

Alexandra Louis ‘16 added, “It’s amazing because a lot of people are impatient and I feel that when you’re already stressed about college stuff, the way you respond to students helps along the way.”

Students are also concerned about the new secretary and how they will be affected.

Zenab Jamil ‘17 said, “Ms. Kaminer’s retirement will deeply affect me along with other juniors because we lose a potential helper for the college application process. College applications are extremely stressful and complicated; you just need someone who has the experience to help with it.”

Ms. Kaminer stated she plans on travelling around the world with her husband especially when it’s during the school year.     

A farewell party was held for Ms. Kaminer’s retirement on November 20. Around 50 teachers showed up. There were previous teachers who retired and some who are working at Midwood High School currently. A few retirees such as Ms. Joann Peters, the former assistant principal for the social studies department, Mr. Mike Starr, former aviation teacher,  and Ms. Lorriane Carlozzi, former AP of Math, came back to celebrate at her farewell party.

At the farewell party, Ms. Lorrie Director, a guidance counselor from the college office wrote an appraisal  for Ms.Kaminer. She expressed how Ms. Kaminer had always been a great partner and helped her a lot throughout the years.

Ms. Director also commented,” I will definitely miss her, but she deserves it.”

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