Mr. Canepa Retires After 30 Year Career

Mr. Canepa has devoted six years to educating students in the sciences at Midwood

By Kaitha Agnant ’17

Midwood is a school that has been here for 75 years. In those years, many staff members have come and gone. This year, another member will join that list. Say your farewells now because at the end of the fall term, Mr. Thomas Canepa will be retiring.

Mr. Canepa has been teaching for 30 years. He has worked in a number of schools such as Lafayette High School, Offside Educational Services, Borough Academies, Passages Academy, and Midwood High School. He has been teaching here for six years.

In his time of teaching here, he has taught living environment, anatomy and physiology, and conceptual physics.

Students who had him are sad to see him go.

“Mr. Canepa has such a great personality and he’s easy to talk to,” said Ting Ren ’17. “If you don’t understand something, he’ll gladly help you which makes the students feel comfortable in his class. I’m in awe that he is leaving because I know future students would have loved to have him as a teacher.”

Daina Potter ’17 said, “The best thing about Mr. Canepa is that when he is teaching, he doesn’t just lecture, but he also interacts with the students. He bases his lessons on visuals and real life experiences, so students don’t get bored in his class.”

Not only will his students miss him, but also his colleagues, who have become his friends and family over the years.

“What I will most is him just being there,” said Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, living environment teacher. “Even though it’s his last semester, he’s still dedicated and hardworking.”

It’s no surprise that Mr. Canepa said that his favorite school is Midwood. He loves it because of the high academic standards. “The students are cool and the faculty members are wonderful. They are like family,” he said.

Mr. Canepa said his best experience is meeting some of the wonderful colleagues that he had the opportunity to work with. He has had no negative experiences and he believes that he had a wonderful journey.

Like most people who retire, Mr. Canepa won’t be sitting at home for the rest of his life doing nothing. His plans are to travel to Eastern European countries, Alaska, Nepal, Tahiti, Galapagos Island, and take a safari to Kenya. He also plans on taking UFT (United Federation of Teachers) courses for retired teachers, which is a continuing education program. Some of the courses he wants to take are photography and Chinese.

“My goal as a teacher is to open doors for students so that when they are through the doors, they will be able to manage on their own,” Mr. Canepa said.

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