MoMA Sparks Interest In Art


By Isabel Perez ‘17

There’s a place for everyone at the Museum of Modern Art, even if you think museums are boring, the exhibitions are one of a kind.

The Museum of Modern Art is located at 11 West 53rd Street, New York. It’s near tourist attractions such as Rockefeller Center and Central Park.

The cost of tickets varies: children tickets (ages 16 and under) are free, students with their current ID pay $14, adults pay $25, and seniors (ages 65 and over) with ID pay $18.

This museum consists of modern and contemporary art. The artwork isn’t only captivating and unique, but it speaks for itself. Each exhibition appeals to a different audience. For instance, the Transmission: Arts in Eastern Europe and Latin America, 1960-1980 appeals to those who are curious about art across cultural lines and the Greater New York exhibit explores young artists as they make their way around New York. It’s definitely worth the trip, especially if you appreciate art.

The museum showcases many artworks by up and coming artists in New York. There are multiple exhibitions currently on display containing pieces such as photographs, sculptures, paintings, and structures (made of different objects). There’s a certain amount of time each exhibition remains on display, however there are a few ongoing exhibitions.

“The art is different… I can’t explain it, it just pops out,” said Amen Choudhry ‘17.

The exhibition that stood out the most for me was ​Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye​. This exhibition focused on music cultures from the 20th century. According to the exhibition description, it examines mid-century jazz and countercultural music scenes. As it also explores the connection between art, technology, and perception.

“It makes me appreciate music to another level as I get to see the instruments that made it all happen to the pictures of the musicians themselves,” said Samah Mahamat ‘17.

Visitors often take photographs of the artwork, whether with a professional camera or with their smartphone. A young photographer said he loves taking photographs of the artwork because he can share them on social media for everyone to see.

Phoebe Zheng ‘17 said, “I enjoy taking pictures of unique and beautiful artwork, but I also like sharing them on my Instagram page.”

If you haven’t yet, make your way to the Museum of Modern Art soon, before it’s too late!

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