Learning Methods Affect Study Techniques

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By Stephanie Tam ’17 and Alasia Miller ’17

Studying effectively is a challenge for many students. There are various ways to study, but many students are not aware that the way they study is unique to them. The categories for learning can help students determine which style is the best for them.
Every single student is unique. Therefore, the way they study is unique too. There are three categories for learning. The categories are auditory, kinesthetic and visual learners. Each one has different characteristics that appeal to different students. By knowing these characteristics, students can discover which one matches their learning preference.

Auditory learners are able to remember information more efficiently by having it read to them or by repeating it out loud. Many students in Midwood can go to tutoring centers, like peer tutoring and the Big Brothers and Sisters program, to have someone teach them. By listening to the tutor and having an individual conversation, auditory learners are able to retain the information more efficiently.

Tutoring really helps me understand certain concepts. I have the ability to ask questions about the subject while receiving a detailed answer from the tutor,” said Heidi Zhang ‘19.

Even the most basic techniques can help an auditory learner do better on exams. Kaylene Ortega ‘17 stated how paying attention in class can seem like such a simple task. However, it is essential because by listening to the teacher, she understands the lesson better.

Kinesthetic learners repeat a certain action to memorize the material. These students would rewrite their notes and use different writing utensils to distinguish ideas in their notes. For example, Cornell notes can be used to make studying easier. Students write down notes, questions about the subject and a summary of the entire lesson or chapter. By doing this, the students are able to retain more information because they create a study packet for themselves.

Cornell notes are great for note taking because they allow you to tackle individual chunks of information,” said       Zenab Jamil ‘17. “Going back and reviewing your Cornell notes helps a lot because all of the main information is outlined in a neat and easy to read format.”

Visual learners, on the other hand, are students who study by reading their notes over. They typically make flashcards to read the information more efficiently, and it helps them if they are studying while going to school. Additionally, they have to dedicate a certain amount of time to studying from their textbook or notes. These students can also use pictures to relate to the information they learned in class.

“I look at the information that I don’t understand and review the questions that I could make careless mistakes on,” said Qiting Wu ‘18. “When memorizing things I relate them to topics that I already know to make them easier to remember.”

Students have to learn which style suits them the best. They can follow one of the three learning categories or create their own style. It is up to the unique individual to decide which one will benefit them the most during an exam.

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