Kwanzaa Fest Draws Rave Reviews

By Salma Ali ’17 and Kiah Ramirez ’17

In the interest of full disclosure, Salma Ali ’17 and Kiah Ramirez ’17 were participants of the Kwanzaa Festival

Kwanzaa festival is produced every year by a diverse group of students. This year, the Black Heritage Alliance, BHA, committee came together to help put together this show on December 16.

“The purpose of the Kwanzaa Festival is to bring talented students together with all different types of cultures and backgrounds and show the African American culture through a colorful and exciting show,” said Leann Whyte ’16.

The Kwanzaa Festival displays the principles of Kwanzaa to students, teachers and families. It presents different activities including acting, dancing, singing, modeling, and poetry reading. Putting together a show like this is difficult for most students and time management is the key to success.

“African dance and modeling are two different activities and the transition between them is always interesting,” Daniel Edwards ‘16 said. “Both require muscle memory, which takes tons of practice to master, but it’s all worth it when it helps put on a good show.”

Zenia Moreno ’16 said, “It is one thing to know how to dance or model, but it is another thing to learn how to perfect it and that’s all we will settle for.”

The students who participate in Kwanzaa Fest dedicate a lot of time during the day to help prepare for the show. Through creating a successful production, students learn to build on major skills such as communication, cooperation and confidence.

“Being a modeling director, it is very important to always make sure everyone is comfortable and confident through the stressful practices,” said Shayla Owens ’16. “However, with the proper skills and requirements for students, I’m positive we will make the best of this show.”

According to Maya Mendonca ’16, practices last until the work is finished and so the students work hard every day to perfect their performances.

The presidents and administrators of the show were able to achieve success in the show on December 16.

“The show was a complete success, said Angella Christopher ’16. All the time and energy devoted to the show paid off at the end and I cannot express how proud I am for everyone who helped pull this off.”

Positive feedback was also received from the audience.

Jordan Pericles ’17 said, “Everyone in the show looked amazing and they all went out and did exactly what they needed to do and the show couldn’t have been any better.”

The participants of the show were thrilled with the product of the show.

“We put in a lot of time and effort and it was all worth it in the end,” said Lindsey Lorine ’16. “Hard work pays off is an understatement.”

Lateefah Thomas ’16 said, “I learned so much through the process of this Kwanzaa Festival and I made some great friends that I will forever cherish.”

Students are able to learn the value of friendship and what one can achieve with their peers when the proper amount of work is put into something. The annual Kwanzaa Festival Production exemplifies these values.

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