ISIS Ideas Cause Turmoil


Cartoon Credit: Gamze Ayaz ’16

By Andy Celdo ‘17

ISIS has become a largely recognized extremist group. Their ideal image of the Islam religion is resulting in deaths of large quantities, especially in Syria.

Laws and regulations will no longer prevent terrorist attacks. Countries like the US and France should directly be involved in intervening the Islamic State’s ruthless campaign to establish a caliphate.

In November, an attack in Paris had been carried out by members of the group. They made a mockery of France with insults and their organized attack on major locations in Paris.

France and other countries should be aware of their positions as potential targets for ISIS. In fact, most countries should be aware of the threat they pose. It isn’t the first time France was attacked. Earlier in January, an attack was carried out at the headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo magazine. Even more recently, the San Bernardino shooting in California should also indicate how much influence ISIS as on some people.

France has a history of dealing with Islamic extremism, according to the article ISIS, Al Qaeda targeted France before Paris newspaper shooting by Clarissa Ward. In 2012, an Algerian gunman had killed seven people near the city of Toulouse and had a standoff with police before he was killed.

Terrorist attacks have been occurring in Syria longer than anywhere else. More than 250,000 have been killed and it is still increasing, according to About 30,000 are children. Innocent children and adolescents murdered by barbarians. Why have countries endured such violence on their people?

One can argue that many countries shouldn’t have any concern with the Middle East’s issues. Financing wars and battles also costs a pretty penny. The deployment of troops may not appeal to huge numbers of Americans.

However, while ISIS is more centered around Syria and Iraq, their violent ideas will spread, increasing their sympathizers and supporters. It will cause attacks in various countries, as it already happened and will continue to do so unless they are directly attacked.

How long will these attacks coordinated and inspired by ISIS last? Direct intervention is needed to put a stop to it at the source. Troops should be deployed and operations should be carried out to affect them in some way. Some possibilities include cutting of some sources of income like oil or imprison those who are found financially supporting them. The incidents will only continue and will most likely do more serious damage.

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