Boys’ Track Transitions Into Indoor Season

The boys practice at the YMCA Armory Mondays and Tuesdays.

By Jude Evangelista ’17

In interest of full disclosure, Jude Evangelista ’17 is on the boys’ track team.

Boys from the track team put their soles on the track, and poured a part of their souls into each step, in order to race against teams from all across the borough for their first race of the indoor track season.

With the cross-country season ending in November, the team is now racing in the New Balance Armory in Manhattan, a place full of track history. Records of the greatest high school athletes decorate the walls, with records from long distance runners and sprinters, to long jumpers and pole-vaulters, commemorating their feats.

The transition from running cross-country is a big one.  With only a few weeks to prepare for indoor, the boys were able to scrape the rust off, running their races while coming close, or shattering their old personal records.

“We’re still getting into the season,” Mr. Marc Cohen, the coach of the team, told the boys. “You guys ran what you were expected to, and if you didn’t break your personal record, that’s all right, we have all season to train.”

This left the team excited to train harder to improve and to do even better than they have on their first race.

“Running cross country and running for indoor is completely different, since now we’re training more for speed and less for long distance,” said Michael Nurilov ’16.

Races in cross country stretch from up to five kilometers (3.3 miles), while the longest race students compete on in an indoor track field is the 3200-meter run (2 miles), with races as short as  55 meters.

Not only have the lengths of races decreased, but the workouts during practice are also changing to improve speed.

  “Lots of people are looking forward to practicing for the indoor season despite the grueling, and seemingly endless speed workouts,” said David Garcia ’18.

Out of the five days that the team practices, two days are now being spent in the Park Slope YMCA Armory.  Here they get a feel for running in an indoor track, while the other three days are spent running in Prospect Park.

With lots of new members joining, hopes look especially high for both the future of the season, and the future of the team.

“We have a lot of raw talent coming in, and as long as we continue training we’ll do well in competitions in the future,” Samuel Chervinsky’18 said, expressing his faith in the new members.

With the team in high hopes, and training in good hands, the boys’ track team will without a doubt perform well for the rest of the season.

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