Boys’ Bowling Falls to New Dorp

Boys bowling

By Matt Putterman ’17 and Nick Cardieri ’17

In the interest of full disclosure, Matthew Putterman is on the bowling team.

Entering the second round of the playoffs as an underdog against New Dorp, the Midwood Boys Bowling team fought hard until the end on November 16 in Staten Island.

The B game finished first with New Dorp, the first ranked team in the league, blowing out Midwood’s B team by over 100 pins.

“Even though the B game was a tough loss, I had faith in our A team to advance us to a C match,” said Anthony Steele ‘19.

Miraculously, the A team took a quick lead over the best bowling team in the league, and held their own until the last pin dropped. The parents on Midwood’s side went crazy when the last pin drop, as the Hornets had just done the unimaginable and defeated a great team while forcing the match to go on to the C game.

“No one thought we could come in and beat New Dorp’s A team, but we played hard until the last ball was bowled,” said Matthew Eng ‘17.

Not used to losing in the playoffs to a lower seed, New Dorp’s team was frustrated and utterly confused. The coach of New Dorp was visibly upset and the parents of the kids on the team were as well, offering only negativity towards their kids in order to motivate them to win the next game.

“It was nice to see the parents of the players on New Dorp’s team getting riled up and yelling at their players during the match,” said Peter Grabowski ‘17. “Their negativity towards their own children made us feel like we had a good chance at winning the game.”

New Dorp, angry and upset after the loss, came out firing in the C match. Early on, they gained a quick lead on the Hornets and continued to bolster their lead throughout the match. By the time it was over, New Dorp’s team cruised to a large victory of over 100 pins. As New Dorp celebrated the win in their home bowling alley, the Midwood boys did not look discouraged as they held their heads high.

“We bowled well in the C match, they just bowled better,” said Anthony Annunziato ’17.

The boys on Midwood’s bowling team were proud of their accomplishments this past year, and they realized what a great run they had. They all agreed that they are much better than everyone thought they were, and they can’t wait to be a force to be reckoned with on the bowling lanes next year.

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