Book Review, Adventure Novel Draws Readers In

By Amelia Loo ’18

The novel, “Sisters of Isis” By Lynne Ewing is filled with mysterious powers and magic. In this volume, the author has provided two individual stories about three girls who learn the truth of their heritage. Although, this new secret is revealed to them, rationally they don’t believe it.

The author, Ewing, is able to incorporate daily life into an enticing novel about three high schoolers who go from raging at parties to taking down mummies. A similar book concept is the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordian. A boy on a trip turns out to be one of the famous god’s sons, but that doesn’t stop him from putting that detail on hold. Until, that is, he’s chased by a Minotaur that makes him believe, the fact that he’s half god. Both of these novels are expressed in the modern century where the main character lives in a safe reality before secrets are dropped on them.

For Percy, it was being a demigod, and for the ISIS sisters, it was being descendant of pharoahs. However, the only real difference is the fact that Percy goes to a summer camp dedicated for demigods. The girls stay in their areas, and the adventure of mummies and vengeance filled gods comes to them, directly.

Both books include a lot of magic, gifts from higher people, and an overall mission that must be completed. Though the idea is much the same, as the heroes of the book are thrown into a new chaotic world, they have never experienced before.

In this book, Ewing is able to create a safe and normal setting which proves that the impossible can and will happen. when you’re of royal descent. The three girls slowly learn to accept new destiny, and push aside the fact that they’re not average, and never were. As Ewing continues this girl’s journey in each book, she puts a new perspective for each of the girls. Now they no longer dream of parties or events, it’s more or less about controlling their magic and incantation speaking.

This book from start to finish was an authentic and lively adventure. In fact, it only got the reader wanting more. Ewing has this unique ability to write so simple but it’s so well written, that you can’t help but relate. She has this teenage language that is in her writing that makes you think she’s a teenager as well. I recommend all her works because this author knows how to enchant.

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