Book Club Sparks Interest in Reading

Ms. Cox supervises book club

By Jade Stephen ’17

Many teens dislike the idea of reading for fun or just reading in general. Giving some teens a book is as if you’re giving a baby a plate of vegetables.

According to the Times “kids read for fun less and less as they get older, with 45% of 17-year-olds saying they read by choice only once or twice a year.” This study shows that teens are reading less and less. Some reasons for a decline in reading are technology, the large amounts of homework teens need to do, and the number of parents reading less to their kids.

However in book club, teens don’t need to worry about homework or using their phones when it’s during their school hours. Christina Smalls ’16, club president, stated that the people in the club vote on the book they want to read. To get the books that they want, they go to Ms.Morales, one of the librarians, who buys the books for them.

“She uses the library’s budget and sometimes uses her own money,” Christina Smalls said.

One of the people that allow this club to take place is Ms. Maureen Cox the club’s advisor. “I felt it was my mission to be their teacher advisor in the club,” Ms.Cox said. She as a child grew up reading books and even has a master in literature. She thought it was wonderful to see teens off of their phones and actually reading a book. She, however, wasn’t surprised to be asked to be the advisor of the club. “I’ve been at Midwood for 15 years and fortunate to see how important reading is for so many students.”

Fariha Sahd ’16, vice president, stated that the club allows many of the students to be able to share each of their opinions and not shame each other. Most of the students in the club feel as if they can express their opinions even though a few may not enjoy reading.

“It’s a place where I can talk about a book that we chose as a group and express our feelings and thoughts,” Galilea Matias ’17 said.

Tiffany Zhang ’17 stated that students get to explore new books and receive book recommendations. Along with experiencing what it’s like to be in a book club which helps in the future to decide whether or not to go join one.

“It’s also a place where we get to meet new people that share the same interest as us,” Angel Peregrina ’17 said.

However, majority wins in the club so unfortunately some students don’t get to read the books they want to read which causes the club to be boring to them.

  “I don’t like reading, especially romance books,” Andaiye Wurm ’17 said. “I only like reading comic books.”

Ms. Cox would like to thank Ms. Arlene Morales who is instrumental in helping the book club members get their books. She also believes that the other librarians, Ms. Dina Jalowski and Ms. Emily Cornell, are great since they help the students all the time.

Book Club is every Thursday in room 346B, also known as the old library, during period 9. If you would like to join book club, attend a session to see if it’s also a place for you.

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