Baseball Club Keeps Hornets at Bat


By Zachary ChanMin ’17

Each year, only around twenty of Midwood’s most talented students can play baseball at the varsity level, but this year a new club gives every student a chance at playing the sport. The new baseball club consists mostly of members of the baseball program at the varsity and JV level, and filled up to its maximum capacity of 40 quickly.

“Many of the members of the baseball team wanted to continue playing the sport and meeting with each other during the off-season. We decided to create the baseball club to bring together all of Midwood’s baseball players all year,” said Nicolas Cardieri, ’17, the starting catcher on Varsity baseball since his freshman year.

This club was founded by Mr. Saverio Nardone, who is also the coach of Midwood’s Varsity Baseball team. Mr. Nardone is an experienced baseball coach and teacher who oversees all of the meetings and makes sure all of the students are having a positive experience.

“When meeting in a classroom, we watch videos of professional athletes and study the proper fundamentals. We focus on the intricacies of the game and set a plan for how we will improve our abilities as a whole. We also meet in the weight room, school gym, and occasionally at the Bergen Beach baseball fields when the weather allows. During these meetings we focus on baseball specific training, skill and drills. Together we work on technique, fundamentals, and overall knowledge of the game,” said Mr. Nardone.

The club allows students to practice the fundamentals of baseball such as hitting, catching and fielding during the offseason without having to wait for the season to begin in the spring. Students discuss current events in baseball as well as in-school baseball events, such as teams. These meetings help improve the skill of players as well as provide an open environment where a common love for the sport of baseball is shared.

“The baseball club is great opportunity to play the sport I love and is a great environment where everyone is welcome,” said Mathew Putterman ’17, a member of the club and Varsity outfielder. The club is a sign of positive movement and expansion for baseball in the school, he added.

Mr. Nardone stated, “In the future, I would like for the club to grow and create a greater culture for baseball at Midwood High School.” He also added that he looks forward to leading one of the best baseball programs in the city in this direction.

The club was founded earlier this semester. Some students and Mr. Nardone were determined to start the club and submitted the necessary paperwork. The student government officials then voted to make the club active.

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