New Baseball Coach Steals Students’ Hearts

Mr. Nardone 2

By Nick Cardieri ’17                                                                                                                          

He’s a hit with the new students; Mr. Saverio Nardone is the varsity baseball head coach, a Special Education teacher, and one of the many new teachers who joined the Midwood faculty this year.

Mr. Nardone was selected as the new head coach of the Midwood baseball program last year by the athletic director, principal, and a parent committee after long time baseball coach, Mr. Barbieri moved on to coach at the collegiate level.  Mr. Nardone originally taught in Lafayette Educational Complex, but after he was selected as the schools baseball coach last December, he decided it would be a great opportunity to join the Midwood staff if a position became available.

“I wanted to be a part of the Midwood community and closer to the boys on the team and I believed the only way to do this was to try to work in Midwood,” said Nardone.

Nardone received his teaching degree in Special Education, though he revealed that teaching isn’t his only true passion.

“Honestly, teaching is something I always enjoyed, but baseball was always my biggest passion. Coaching baseball is what drove my decision to be a teacher; I am grateful for the path I’ve chosen and my work at Midwood,” said Nardone.

Nardone was the youngest person to ever coach PSAL sports at 23 years old. He was the co-head coach of the Lafayette Baseball Team, and he helped turn their program around during his 2-year stint at the school. Nardone has big plans for the Midwood team as well.

After a challenging first season Nardone’s plan for the baseball team is “to build the baseball program to be the best in the city; earning national recognition and becoming a program that is known to breed high level college athletes,” he said.

Nardone’s love is not limited to the baseball team, as he has an admiration for Midwood as a whole as well.

“There is no comparison between Midwood and Lafayette Educational Complex. The school culture and environment at Midwood is truly the best I have ever experienced. I am grateful to be a part of it,” said Nardone.

Students on the baseball team share Mr. Nardone’s excitement of him working in the building.

“Coach Nardone is definitely a great asset to have in the building, whether we need help with something or just would like to talk about baseball, he’s always there for us,” said Peter Grabowski ’17.

“Having Coach Nardone as my living environment teacher really makes me try and do my best every day in class,” said Greg Dorfman ’19.

Nardone notes that his transfer to the school has been an adjustment because he had to navigate a new administration in a much larger school with an unfamiliar student body. However, he credits the staff for helping ease his transition. He feels truly fortunate to be part of the community and looks forward to much success with his students both on the field and in the classroom.

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