Museum of Food and Drink Excites Palates

Museum of Food and Drink

By Briana Casimir ’17 and Alasia Miller ’1

  “Food: Making it and Faking it” was the opening exhibit for the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) on October 28 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

      The exhibit featured various interactive stations about the commercial production of food and the various chemicals used to flavor food.

      Flavor smelling machines, for example, provided synthetic and authentic smells for museum-goers to identify. The process of copying natural aromas awed them.

      “The vanillin station intrigued me the most, but I was also very impressed by the citric versus lemon smell test,” said visitor Suraiya Aaiza. “I absolutely couldn’t tell the difference!”

       The flavor testing stations, on the other hand had edible pellets that allowed people to detect the similarities or differences between authentic and synthetic flavors.

      The stations that were not interactive had visual aids like old newspapers and antique models of machinery such as the Puritan Puffing Gun along with succinct explanations of the station’s content.    

     Several of the visitors lingered and gathered around the interactive stations.

        “Food is participatory and to best learn about food, you must taste, smell, and think,” states the MOFAD website.

     “I think it’s a cool idea ” said Galen Foulois. “The museum is bringing attention to natural and artificial taste production.”

    Aaiza agreed, saying that the museum was fascinating and a new experience for her.

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